Beauty of Cannabis

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Cannabis is an amazing plant and one that can take on so many different characteristics between the different strains. This plant is my gorilla glue that started flowering about a week or so ago. It is really starting to pack on the size and it will be ready for harvest in a few weeks.

During flower, each cannabis plant really starts to show its personality. Gorilla Glue is known for being covered in trichomes and this one is about to have buds that look like snowy mountain tops.

If you have a macro lens and some extension tubes, you can really show off the beauty of this plant. The white hairs that form on the buds are called pistils and they are actually the sex organ of the female cannabis plant. They basically stick up and wait to be pollinated by the males.

These sexy time hairs look really cool up close. For these shots, I used my Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens and some extension tubes. My aperture was set to about f/10, which would have made these shots impossible without my Canon Speedlite. Having the aperture to f/10 allowed me to get a lot more of the plant in focus. I am hoping to purchase some more extension tubes to get even closer to my subject and get even cooler shots.

My other gorilla glue plant is just starting to flower and seems to be about a week or so behind this one, which is odd because they sprouted within about 18 hours of each other. It will be interesting to see if the second plant catches up or if it flowers for a bit longer than this one. Either way, I am expecting some really great looking buds from these plants. Their structure is pretty much perfect at this point. Things are getting exciting in the grow tent.

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They look quite bright. I wonder what they will look like in the next update. Will they be ready for harvest? We'll see!

Probably have about 3 weeks or more until they are ready. This is just the beginning of the awesomeness

And you take the most perfect shots to capture the beauty! Man I can’t wait to start back up. Already getting tired of what I’m smoking on lol

Thanks man. You should grow a few autos once you start again, so you can get a bunch of different strains to try out.

That might be a good idea! Also don’t think I forgot about you bro. I’ll be send your seeds out soon. :) I figured it really don’t matter since you’ll probably wait until your current run is over

No rush man. It will be a while before I can even grow them.

Beautiful healthy color in the plants bro! looking great!

Thanks man. I cant wait to see what they look like in a few more weeks.

The level of detail is amazing, very nice. As long as they keep on producing trichomes, it will be a pleasure to see them.

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Thanks homie

looks amazing so close

The photography is on a while new premium. I feel like touching it badly!!!!!! 🥹

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Ya, it sucks that so many countries do this to people. At least it seems that there are many places that are changing their views on cannabis and realizing how much it can help people. It is safer than alcohol and prescription medications that are completely lega.