Homecoming Football Game

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Tonight was the homecoming game for my daughter's school. Her photographer teacher asked her to be part of the yearbook this year and my daughter was nervous to go and take pictures at the game, so I told her that I would go with her and help her out.

I am sure she is going to be sharing some of the photos that she took later. She got some really good ones. She was using a 75-300mm lens, so she was able to get a lot closer to the action than I was with my 24-105mm.

We only stayed until halftime because lighting was getting pretty bad out there. I am hoping to get a 70-200mm f/2.8 to take some better sports and bird shots. That would work out a lot better than my f/4.

It was good to get out and take some fun photos tonight. I am going to be gone over the weekend heading back down to Southern Utah to get some shots of the resort, so it was nice to just get out and get some shots that are more fun than construction shots. Thanks for stopping by and checking these shots out. You are awesome.

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Good day and great dad. and those photos look really good too. wow feels like homecoming day for us wasn't that long ago, but time just flies doesnt it 친구? ㅋㅋㅋ

Thanks man. Ya, we are getting old. Soon I will be taking photos at the grandkid's homecoming game. Time needs to slow down.

Dude your shots are legit as always! Also it is so beautiful there. I drove through Utah once. It is so cool seeing the different colors of those mountains.

Thanks man. I am starting to appreciate this area a lot more, but I still can't wait to leave this state and go somewhere else.

Dude, I hope your daughter's school team won. These things are usually a lot of fun. I think you stayed in the action and got everything you needed to get. I'm sure your daughter will be a great photographer like you. It's in your genes.

I have no idea if they won or not. We didn't stay for the full game and they were down by 7 when we left. They really aren't that good of a team. lol

You and your daughter have taken very good pictures of a football event, the quality of your pictures is really good.

Thank you. These pictures are the ones I took. Hopefully she shares hers soon.

You and your daughter are very good at taking photos, the photos are perfect for the yearbook from that school, I really like seeing them.

Thanks. I can't wait to see all the pictures that she took.

Especially you have adjusted the shutter speed values ​​very well. When I look at your photos, I see that time is frozen :) That's great.


I like to see the pictures that you show me,I really hope for your daughter to be more courageous to do something important and useful.
Keep spirit and success always for all.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.