Let's grow mushrooms

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Last round didn't work out


A couple months ago, I tried growing some mushrooms. I bought some all in one bags that were supposed to make growing mushrooms extremely easy. They would have worked if they weren't contaminated from the supplier. Contamination is something you grow to expect when trying to grow mushrooms and you do everything you can to prevent it, but when the grain you get is contaminated before it gets to you, there isn't much you can do except start back at square one.


Psychedelic mushrooms can be a religious and very important experience for someone. They have completely changed my life and helped me in so many ways. So when I found out there was a religion centered on these sacred medicines, I wanted to look more into it.

I recently joined the religious group The Divine Assembly and began researching more into the benefits of these mushrooms and how to grow them. The Divine Assembly believes that psilocybin mushrooms are a sacrament that allows you to commune with the Divine. I have had some really great religious experiences while on these substances and have really found out a lot about myself and who I am.


One of the cool parts of this group is that they help you with growing your own sacrament so that you can have these religious experiences and better your life. They offer a really inexpensive grow kit to get into growing and I decided to buy it. It comes with everything you need to begin growing. The big thing I was excited for was the grain jars. They are pretty much a fool proof way to inoculate grain spawn and I am looking forward to creating my own grain jars and learning to be more independent when it comes to growing.


These grain jars have self healing injection ports on them to make inoculation super easy. The kit comes with extra ports that you can install on the jars before you reuse them in the future. The kit also comes with all the cleaning supplies and PPE to keep your stuff free from contamination.


After gloving up and wiping down everything with alcohol, it was time to open the spore syringes. They included two syringes of B+ mushroom spores. The B+ strain is a great strain for beginners because it is more forgiving when it comes to humidity and temperature differences. It is a great overall strain and some people call it "Be Positive" because it gives you feelings of overall optimism and positivity.

Psychedelic mushrooms are known to give you a connected feeling to others and the world around you. They interact with your serotonin receptors and you can have some really great spiritual experiences while on them that can be transformative for your life.


After shaking the spore syringes to break up the spore clumps inside, I attached the needles and injected one full syringe into each jar. Now it is a waiting game. For the next 3-4 weeks, I will leave the jars in my pantry where it is dark and stays about 70 degrees or so. During that time, the spores from the syringes will turn into mycelium that will spread throughout the jar and feed on the grain.

Once the jars are completely white from the mycelium, it will then be time to move onto the next steps in the process which include opening the jars and mixing the mycelium into the containers where they will grow on the substrate mixture. It takes around 2-3 months for the process to be complete. Then the real fun begins when I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Good luck with this batch. I am a big fan of using rye bags. Midwest grow kits does a real good job. I will have my own setup again soon, just have some other things that are more important to set up right now. I have like 5 syringes of spors that I have kept in a dark cooler since my FL days, so hopefully they are still good.

But I will be doing mushrooms here on the farm for food purposes as well.

I've heard spores can stay good for up to a year if they are stored properly. So hopefully they are still good for you. I am hoping to begin growing a variety of mushrooms to eat as well. There are so many benefits to mushrooms for food.

It's been longer than that, but I can find spores if need be.

Really good write up on mushroom growing man. I think you're going to have good results this time around and you look very well prepped with your inoculation jars.

I find it perplexing how effective brainwashing has been with many religions (and also non-religious people) regarding the sacred plants. Experience is a good teacher, and it's distasteful to hear opinions of people who are unwilling to even try to experience what mushrooms and other sacred plants have to offer. Oftentimes those opinions are given very aggressively and toxically, as if their entire belief system is being threatened. I've pretty much given up trying to debate it with them, but sometimes still get hooked into it lol.

It's awesome that you've found healing and enhanced awareness through your mushroom experiences. Keep up the great work.

Ya, there is a lot of brainwashing from religion and the government when it comes to the good that these medicines can do for people. I really think if everyone did mushrooms at least once, the world would be such a better place.

I think things like this is good so that you will be able to know how and what works for you
When you know what works for you, you won’t need to try so many methods when you know the easiest thing you can do
I love this!

I really missed eating mushroom though not this type of form

Magic mushrooms are the best.