Beach Photography: Summer 2023, Japan.

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Summer isn’t summer unless you dip in the sea is the philosophy I live by. With only one beach trip in the memory bank this season, more fun in the sun is needed. The thing about summer in Japan is there are plenty of typhoons 🌀 that just so happen to drift in during the short summer holidays known as Obon. Obon, while not a holiday in the normal sense is an event for deceased relatives to be brought back home to remember their time in this realm and to be with family. But it’s also a time to travel 🧳.

Our beach trip this year was just a day trip as we didn’t book a hotel or Airbnb which can be expensive and not really worth it ………… well actually it’s worth the memories. But this year, a beach trip nearby, 1hr 30 mins away and some delicious seafood 🦞 would do the trick. Unlike when I go to BBQs and I usually take on grilling duties, being on the beach, I am more relaxed and have a chance to take some pictures and that I did do. Let’s dive in.


A theme that was quite common at the beach was tattoos. When I was fresh in Japan the first thing that might have come to my mind is that this guy carrying his kid is a Yakuza. But now, with a lot of perspective and experience, I highly doubt it. He is probably an ordinary guy who likes tattoos, who may happen to have some Yakuza friends and a rebel personality. And this is what Japanese call a “Yankee”.





These two young ladies were sitting next to our tent on the beach. I quickly noticed them noticing us and glimpsed their way now and then. Well I couldn’t help it, they were dancing on the beach making TikTok videos, MULTIPLE TikTok videos. It was a joy to see them having such fun and not caring about who was watching. One of them realized I was taking pictures of them and of course they didn’t mind and even posed for a shot but unfortunately I didn’t snap in time and that’s not the type of pictures I wanted to take.


As I mentioned before, it’s typhoon season and due to an incoming typhoon, the waves were rough. As we arrived on the beach it was announced that swimming will not be allowed as it’s too dangerous. I agree, though I could manage the waters as I am
an island boy, most kids couldn’t and who wants to swim the most… But that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the beach. This family had fun in the sand. And just like me, this dad couldn’t help glance the TikToker’s way now and then.


The lifeguards were busy as most people were basically in the water but not in the sea. My family and I for instance sat on the beach and got wave massages as they came crashing in. Others tried to stay close to the shallow but even that proved dangerous as a couple kids on their floats got carried out by the waves and had to be “saved” by the lifeguards.



Looking left and looking right in the two pics above. As you can see a good amount of people were on the beach that day. Usually I’d take a walk on the beach and to “sea what’s good”, but with the kiddos around it’s not something that came to mind.


And here is the fam enjoying some shaved ice or kakigori as it is called here. But someone isn't eating shaved ice, I wonder what's in the cup? Another thing about staying over night is the opportunity to drink on the beach. Japan has zero tolerance for DUI and so someone has to stay sober, which I don't mind.


Everyone on the beach still managed to have fun despite not being able to swim but the truth is, this is what most people would be doing anyway, just laying around on the sand and getting a little wet.


Most people were covered to protect themselves from the sun or just to hide body appearance but this one woman was fully covered Chinese style. many do this to avoid getting dark marks caused by too much sun exposure.


Sandcastles, another way to have some fun in the sun when the waters are a bit choppy. These two siblings ( I presume ) did just that and were at it for most of the time they were there.


The choppy waves did not stop the water sports business though as we can see a jet ski/Sea-Doo dragging the floaty boat in the background. Looked like a lot of fun.


Tents make sense at the beach as it is a good place to store your things and you can escape from the sun for a bit, chill out and have some drinks or eats.


Here is one of my twins putting sea shells in his back pocket while a lifeguard walks by. They wanted to give me the shells to keep at first but I was like no way, you have pockets, with velcro, use it.


The boys walking and scoping, I miss those days, though I am still scoping 😀.




As you can see, it was indeed rough seas and one would be insane to want to swim in it ( or just from the islands). The sea in this area isn't the pretties as it is where the cold and hot seas meet creating this not sop wonderful color. But it isn't bad at all ( or that's what I keep telling myself as I am just happy to be at the beach.


Floats aired up and won’t be used today but they can still make for a good headrest or even a bed.





Some more pics of the family and then a Japan moment happened. A dude wearing what appears to be a bikini can be seen enjoying the waters. Not sure what his reason is for wearing this, but to each his own. But he certainly did grab attention from a lot of people on the beach. That’s the reason why my wife was laughing in the pic below.






All in all it was a good beach trip as I got to spend time with my family, enjoy the beach, eat some good food and take photos. I hope to take one more day trip to the beach before the season ends ( which is pretty soon). Until next time, stay blessed!



Firstly I love all the photos, they are so beautiful and they told all the stories and your reports on most of them created the scenes in my head and I loved reading through.

It is nice seeing your family again and most especially the twins, I just love seeing twins and the little girl too ☺️.

The beach seems really fun, it's sad I haven't been to one before, hehe.

Glad you enjoyed the photos and the commentary ( though long ).

Hehe it's actually another little boy but yeah looks like a girl. Really? Well my
dear in time you shall enjoy the beach.
I was lucky to grow up in Jamaica and so the beach wasn't too far away. Thank for your meaningful comment.

I totally did, I didn't want you to stop the commentary actually so I didn't notice it was really long.

Oh my, he looks so cute that I could only conclude he was a girl, I'm sorry about that.

I really look forward to going to the beach someday. It was a pleasure reading through your blog 🤗❤️.

Have a great week!

Summer is always hot and I see that is why so many people love to go to the beach during summer
I can see that you all enjoyed yourselves

Indeed, I think the river is more refreshing though especially if you find some rocks to to sit in and enjoy the current.

The sea is a magical place in the world, we can enjoy it and get peace and tranquility with the sound of its waves, besides, the pictures you took are spectacular. Greetings👍🏻

The beach is indeed amazing! Thanks man.

Excellent photos! There are a lot of emotions here for sure.


I have a question. I saw a woman with a hat and a face scarf in this photo. Do you happen to know what is that for? Religious purposes or to protect her face from the sun? Looks weird, I've never seen one before.

Yeah protection from the sun as I said in the post ( but no worries, I don't expect people to read all of such a long post )

Mainly so
They don't get dark spots on their skin.

Shame on me, looks like I skipped that part 😁 🙈, so thanks for the explanation.

Hey I don’t blame you one bit 😂

I know you don't and thank you for that. Had a crappy morning and should have been more attentive while curating 😇
Anyway, have a nice day and looking forward to your next post.

Summers are incomplete without beaches and without enjoying the water of sea.

For sure, rivers can also do the trick if the beach is too far.

Very beautiful place

Thank you!