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I've been sitting here for 10 minutes, trying to find the right words to start my post, but I can't. Not because the topic is difficult, on the contrary. Those of you who are following my blog know that I post about art very often and most likely there are words I'm repeating a lot, especially when I express how much I loved the exhibition, or how wonderful it was. But at some point you run out of words, literally. There are no superlatives to express what you feel about the exhibition and this is such a case.

This week I went to a new exhibition and met the curator lady at the entrance. We kind of know each other already as I'm a regular and she warned me that what I was about to see was mind blowing. I was really glad to hear that, but aren't all the exhibitions mind blowing I asked? Yeah, they are, but this ... this is a different level.


When I stepped in the gallery and had a look, I know right away what the lady was referring to. I knew my visit is going to take longer than usual and was right.

It was a solo exhibition of Attila Bajkó, a very talented artist with a very unique style I will never forget. Literally.


Solar Energy

When someone says solar energy, I bet your first thought is solar power, which is the future, but this artwork is much more than that. I think you need half a minute, or a full minute to see every detail, then take a step back and look at the big picture. What you see here are some of my favorite colors, so the painting was an instant hit.


I love the mixed media, the incorporated lace as the wall of the house, the roof made of those tiny elements. Have a good look at the elements of this painting. You'll thank me later.


Dimensional Travel

You most likely are wondering how these paintings are made. Well, a good part of the artworks are painted on wood, with a special paint.


Rokolya Hill

Another lovely artwork, with perfectly matched colors and a lovely frame, but I'm afraid you'll need some explanation in order to understand the title. Rokolya is a type of skirt, that women used to wear. You can still see these skirts when women are dressing up in folk costumes. Those wrinkles looks like the hill on the painting. It's amazing though, how much you can accomplish by using just a few shades of the same color. I love how the sun is depicted.


This was without title, so you're free to give it a title, whatever you see or feel when you're looking at it. I loved the two patterns at the sides, it makes it more interesting. I can see the sun at the top, although it may not be a sun and the keyhole in the center of the painting :) Can that keyhole mean something? Can those circles, including this one I said it's the sun, represent some forces?


Tree of Life II.

And this is where my jaw dropped. I don't think there are words to describe how much I love this painting. The first thing that I noticed was the colors. Again, I met most of my favorite colors here, plus the green, which stands out in a good way.


Then the details. I took a close up photo, but unfortunately the painting was placed higher than me and the light was coming from above, but you can see the details anyway.


The other thing that I loved is the texture. Being painted on wood gives the painting a different texture.


The color combination is just perfect for my taste.



That half circle at the bottom could be the earth and as you can see, there's light coming from above and also has wings. It's an interesting composition, with lovely colors.

There's a special message at the bottom, written in a language only @mipiano can read, but the truth is, I need some time to decode it and her as well. It's not very clear, but don't worry, there will be another coded message in a later post, that will be clearly visible 😆





If you've been paying attention, you could notice the repetitive elements so far. This artwork has a few elements of the previous ones, arranged and used in a completely different way. This shows the creativity of the artist.


Gate of Destiny

You can see the wings, the half circle, the keyhole, the light and the square at the top. Almost the same elements used in so many different ways to depict different themes. I love it!


Tree of Life

Here is another version of Tree of Life, somewhat similar, but still different. If I were to choose, I'd choose this one for sure. I love the bark of the tree, the leaves, the radiant flower and the background.

There's a lot to say about these absolutely gorgeous artworks, each one has a deep meaning, but this time I'd rather let you tell me what you see, which one is your favorite and why. I loved all of them, without exception.

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



Totally unique creations, is almost the best I've seen! I marvel at people's creativity!

Coming from you, it means a lot. It is indeed exceptional.


And I understand that you are speechless!.... It's a display of art full of strength and expression... How marvellous those closer photos you have taken of some of the works!.... I would call this untitled one as "Birth Threshold"... You seem to have some kind of "parallel portals" to find excellent art always!!!!! ;)

Great report, applause for you and happy weekend @erikah friend!

!discovery 40

😁 Thank you my dear friend, I'm indeed lucky and have to appreciate that I have this all for free. It's an amazing experience to see so many amazing artworks each moth.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the tokens!

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This is stunning. I can't pick one one favorite.

But at some point you run out of words, literally. There are no superlatives to express what you feel about the exhibition and this is such a case.

Absolutely. It's like any words seem to be not expressive enough...

Then it is not just me. I love this exhibition a lot. Maybe I can go back and see these again, to print them in my memory.

Not just you! I always say to myself "I should come back here" when I really love something. Also, I always want to bring my loved ones, like I want to share my delight with them.

Wow I love the colors of the paintings, it's not the usual colorful one yet it looks unique and beautiful

You and me both as these are my favorite colors.

Certainly these works that you show us today are at another level. Very original style and the color palette is exquisitely selected. Thank you for letting us feel the pleasure of admiring such good art.

I'm glad you like them @mdrguez.

The paintings are a bit challenging to grasp. It's great that you comprehend them. I'm just curious, do you inquire with the exhibit staff about the significance of those paintings, or do you rely solely on the artwork's title or your own interpretation?Because it's really impressive how you explain all the paintings. Even just looking at the paintings feels like a headache already HAHAHAHA.

I'm just curious, do you inquire with the exhibit staff about the significance of those paintings, or do you rely solely on the artwork's title or your own interpretation?

I never do that. Art is abut what you see and how you see it in my opinion. It is about what the artworks tell you and what feelings you have towards them.

Even just looking at the paintings feels like a headache already HAHAHAHA.

Then maybe art is not for you.

Beautiful paintings with a spiritual touch, I loved the Solar Energy, which looks like a portal to another dimension.

It could be, it depends how you look at it, but it can absolutely mean a portal to another dimension.

Great exhibit. Such strong colors. Real, rich, earthy. The wood adds to that feel. I love the tree of life paintings but I think I like the first better. A little more color and more intricate patterns. All are wonderful paintings. Many of my comments end with but this isn't something I would want to hang on my wall. Not this one! 🙂

This is just a part of the exhibition and I'm sure you'll like the rest as well.

Many of my comments end with but this isn't something I would want to hang on my wall. Not this one! 🙂

Well, there's a lot of artworks we like but can't take all of them home. I have my rule from trading and I'm always asking myself, if I could only buy 5 per year, would any of these be one to buy? But there the answer is yes.

I genuinely liked some of the arts. Liked the tree of life most

That was one of my favorite too.

Super paintings!

Very true

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These paintings all look like they are trying to tell us something, like some sort of map to a great discovery 😅. Beautiful ❤️🌹

Each artwork is basically a message of the artist, in my opinion.

It just had to be a message because what I got from the pictures goes beyond just a painting. Though I have always known Painting is an expression of the artist emotions.

It's another level, yes. The textures make the work stand out, but it's not just about textures here, it's about sobriety and a certain minimalism.

I really liked Rokolyadomb and Illumination.