Driftwood and Dead Trees: Yzerfontein/Grotto bay

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel a bit (with covid restrictions being lifted in South Africa). So naturally, I took my gear and went to a beach nearby and photographed driftwood and dead trees on said beach. These came out better than I could have hoped for. It looks like monsters, skeletons or bone of previously monstrous beasts. The sun was setting and the light fell perfectly on the wood so that the shadows were cast giving an ominous feeling to them. Between the green new growth, these white bones of dead trees showcase the absolute viciousness of life: from death life comes. But it also give hope. Please enjoy these rather ominous and evil-looking images of driftwood and dead trees on a South African beach.












Hey, really great pictures! Some of them look a bit like underwater shots :-)

Thanks! They do indeed! Very interesting observation!

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