The Sheep Incident

Maybe you already saw pictures of this canyon in Iceland, it is rather well known by now. And this is where the Sheep Incident took place.


This canyon is just 2-3km away from the main road in Iceland, the famous Ring Road. On the day we wanted to visit the Canyon in mid-September, we already did a hike (very probably a post in the future), so it was already late afternoon. When we turned on the Ring Road to reach the canyon, there was a guy stopping us. We first thought, he wanted to advertise for something or so, but that was far from it.

He told us, that on this day, the farmers bring the sheep back down from the Highlands. And if they come, they would block the only road to and from the canyon for around one or two hours. So he just gave us a friendly heads-up that we would be stuck at the canyon for that time if we don't make it out again before the sheep come. He gave us a time frame of half an hour.

We still had a bit of a drive ahead that day and because it was already late afternoon, we were not keen on losing so much time. Yet, we wanted to see the canyon. You guessed it from the picture above, we decided to go to the canyon. The plan was to just try to beat the arrival of the sheep.


Being under time pressure is definitely not my favorite way of photographing, but what can you do. At least, I think I was still able to take some decent shots.

Walking up the path along the canyon a little bit, we could actually already see a good amount of sheep fenced at a farm.


So we concluded we could stay and take pictures until we see those sheep moving.



And then, we saw them coming down the hills. And we ran...

...and made it back from the canyon onto the Ring Road in time! In the end, it wasn't even that close and we did everything we wanted to do. But I found the whole thing quite hilarious in hindsight 😂


I hoped you liked this post and will include sheep in your planning when going to Iceland in September. Cheers!

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Wow! Amazing shots of the canyon. But thinking of the sheep is hilarious. I saw your instagram profile too. Man, you have awesome photos. I mean awesome would be an understatement too. Looking forward on your future photographs.

Thank you so much, Clara! I really appreciate it 😊

Beautiful shots Florian! I love that pic of all the sheep, there's just so many haha

Thank you, Dale! Yeah, had that feeling of Gandalf returning with the horse army 🤣

Set your clocks to sheep time! Great photos and a fun experience!

Haha thank you, Kieran!

I think Iceland has got to be one of the most photographic countries in the world. I love these shots! Thanks for sharing here with us!

Stunning photos!! Reminds me of new Zealand with the sheep count and the scenery, NZ just isn't as 'canyony'

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