Today it is all b&w

It was not the rain but the strong south winds that gave me today one more day off from my farm work and a perfect opportunity to post a few shots of my neighborhood that I haven't shared before!




This time I am in a b&w mood. Not my usual thing but some variety never hurt anyone :)





And for closer a few shots of our precious companion!




All the pictures and the words are mine.

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Love them! :)

Thank you very much :)

I love the one of the barrel beside the door. It's very atmospheric!! 🙂

B&W stands for Beautiful & Wonderful in your case..

Well done!

Thank you very much @crazy-andy :)

The Black and White is wonderful and your companion is so cute!

Thank you very much Sara :)

As always, great photos!

Thank you very much @bluemoon :)

Amazing photos!

Thanks a lot @phage93 :)

For not normally doing black and white you certainly did a fantastic job on them. B&W landscapes are awesome when done well. And the doggie! Daawwww.

Thank you @wwwiebe :)
I have always found b&w more challenging than color!