Some self portrait photographs and why I do them

hiddenblade SP.jpg

Photo by me.

I did a photoshoot in January for a cover of @dante31's new book Mellexy - Colours of You. He was so happy with the previous one that I did for Mellexy - Through Your Eyes that he wants me to be on the cover for the second book. :p

Thank you @dante31 for believing in my talent. :D

These photos are some of the photos from the shoot that didn't make it to the top picks, but I still liked them so I turned them into black and white.

hiddenblade Self portrait 3.jpg

Why self-portraits

I got new followers (thank you!) and I haven't posted any self-portraits in a while so I figured I would write a bit of a background of why I'm doing them.

A self-portrait photograph is a portrait of the photographer taken by the photographer. I'm saying this cos I still see some who would say it is a self-portrait just because they are the one in the photo even though they're not the one who took it.

Anyway, I started doing self-portraits since I was probably 15. I was just a normal emo teenager who got inspired by fashion photographs in the magazines and online that it made me try one myself. I didn't have any models, I only had myself, so I just captured my face on camera.

I loved it. I love how I was able to pretend I was someone else who got super high confidence. I love how I was also able to express emotions through my photographs. The one I thought would be just for fun turned into something serious and thus me treating it more of an art than just the usual selfies.

hiddenblade Self portrait 4.jpg

The fun thing about doing self-portraits is that I can practice my photography skills and modeling skills at the same time. Even acting skills sometimes... and of course, conceptual skills.

hiddenblade Self portrait 2.jpg

Aside from painting traditionally, photography is one of the mediums that I use in art as well. It's so cathartic mainly because it's so straightforward and honest. I'm also quite used to doing all the work by myself. So being the one who thinks about ideas, the photographer, model, the one who crafts the props and etc isn't new to me.

If anything goes wrong I can only blame myself. :p

hiddenblade Self portrait 5.jpg

I learned a lot cos of it. I never regret all the high school summers that I spent doing these instead of playing video-games or watching reality shows on TV.

I never actually planned to do it professionally, but now I think I'm starting to walk in that path... If others would want my photos to be on a book cover. :p

Whatever it is, I'm happy doing it. So I guess the monetary value is just the bonus for the fun that I had. :)


So glad I already know how you looked like as a person who I follow. I also liked doing selfies and try to abuse the filters so much. Nice curly hair. I also have a crush on one of the newbies here and super curly NG hair nya like Macy-Gray type. Dropping by and doing my rounds to the dolphins I have recently followed.

Haha yeah I saw you love filters too. Filters are fun! Thanks for stopping by :D

How beautiful you are, I like how you look in each of your photos, full talented and also beautiful... what a complete lady. <3 <3 <3

I would love to practice my realistic portraits with some of your photos, could I take that daring? plz, plz, plz, plz... yessssss? ;)

Greetings and I hope you make more book covers, you are talented and you deserve all the success in the world in everything you undertake.

Thank you for your support. <3 Of course! Go ahead and choose what you like to practice :D That's always exciting to me hahah good luck! :D

Yujooo hehehehehe that good!!! I thank you for accepting and soon you will be illustrated by me, I will focus enough to make you look just like you, just as pretty. XD

Ang cute mo bes!!! 😍💚💚

Hahah salamat! :D

You are like a flower between flowers. Very lovely🌼

That is so sweet! <3 Thank you :D

Absolute pleasure working with you 👌🏾😎

Likewise!! :D

Loving them! That must be so cool to be asked to be on a book cover (twice!!) how many people can say that! :)

I think you are very talented not only in your artworks but also in photography. Funny that you mention you can only blame yourself, so true but funny :)

Haha yeah I am so honored! Thank you so much <3

This is cute, intense, awesome, beautiful... you know what, grab any positive adjective in the dictionary at it would work because this is art, I love when you express yourself sis, it makes me happy and proud, I'm here supporting you as always! I will fight any hater!

P.S. If I wanted you in a cover for a book I wrote I think you'll have to do a bit of cosplay, but who knows perhaps you'll like it giggles

Hahah aawww thanks for always supporting me bro! Well, you know I was a cosplayer too :p

You are beautiful as always.

Ganda! I love your curls. <3 The flowers complement your features, the curls... just gorgeous. Hands up too, to your amazing confidence to model and do all the works behind the scenes. :)

Thank you! <3

You look so cute in those photos! The flowers suit the theme very well. What kind of color were they?

You can shine on my book cover for sure! But I'll have to practice on my writing skills first...

They were purple-ish lavenderish. Hard to describe haha! image.png

Oh, I'll be waiting! B-)

You are a great model for yourself. you are lucky for this You have nostalgic facial features. absolutely gorgeous. and I love the black and white shades you choose. keep sharing with us!.

Thank you! Not sure if it's the facial features that it makes it nostalgic or probably the makeup + editing. However I do find that vibe in some of my photos too lol

The pictures are so pretty!!!

Thank you! :D

Your self portraits are great. I just checked out the "Mellexy - Through Your Eyes" book cover and I must admit, you look outstandingly beautiful.

Keep enjoying what you love doing.

Thank you! I will, and you should too! :D

Wow this is so beautiful and thanks for this hard work.

You are beautiful! And it would be a great one if you walk in the path of being a professional. You should do well in that field.

Thank you for the encouragement! :D

Well looks like all that experience you've developed over the years is paying off because these are ace self-portraits!

Yeah, I never regretted anything! Thank you :D

oh you are such a beauty with all the flowers. wonderful and magical images!