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Hi everyone ^_^ I've been waiting a bit to announce my Photo NFT-s. Now that I have 8 available for sale, here they are :D is the marketplace for scarce, collectable, tokenized photographs!

I'm still an amateur at photography, but I plan to use my art skills to my advantage to enhance my photos and make them more interesting.

Below you can see the layer I made for the Sunset photo, and I set it to overlay. It's very simple, but the result is refreshing.


All of the photos I've tokenized so far have full commercial licence, so if you buy and hold the NFT you can use it however you like including your blog posts. If you don't own the NFT token, you don't have the permission to use these photos.

Also you can go follow @aggroed on Twitter, I've donated one of my photos and artworks for giveaways.

For the photos with Private rights, the photographer retains full copyright. I prefer keeping one edition of each photo, just like I do with most of my art on NFT Showroom.

I've tokenized a lot of new art on NFT Showroom, so don't forget to check that out as well!


The kitty is a bit more expensive, but I have a lot of other cheaper artworks ^_^ In a week or 2 I will be posting more expensive art as the marketing kicks off. So now is a good time to grab some of the earlier art, feel free to bargain the prices in the comments while there are editions available ;)

More Photos







I took these photos with Canon PowerShot SX170 IS

Also I'm sooo close to 100 followers, any follows would much be appreciated <333333

Dragon Head winners: My blog: @zacknorman97 (A very interesting and educational comment :D) & Pixelart community: @janaveda
Reminder: I'm also giving away 1 Giant frog in 5 days to whoever makes most comments in the Pixelart Community <3


Giveaway: I'll give away 1 edition of the Trippy Lizards, enter by leaving a comment: What are the lizards discussing?

My favorite entry wins ^_^


Discussing how to solve the puzzle to make hive moon 🌚🚀

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Thank you for participating :D

I feel like the lizards are a bunch of friends chillin' at a cool dance club, catching up with each other after covid isolation. They are talking about how they spent their time at home, the music they are hearing at the cub, commenting about people (lizard?) watching as they scope out the ones on the dance floor and nearby, and what kinds of drinks the will order and what flavor flies they prefer as a snack. :)

Awesome art, verrrry trippy!

flavor flies they prefer as a snack.

Nice! I'd love to know what flavors there are.... or maybe not xD

Photos look pretty good to me, amateur notwithstanding XD

The lizards are trying to take over the world but they need to put together their jigsaw puzzle Risk board first.

Thank you :D
Maybe they would be good leaders/emporors xD

the lizards are wondering why is this lady doing a puzzle that seems like so easy 2 color kind of picture? LMAO

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Ah, cheers for the dragon head, mate! I have pretty much an entire family living in my computer now 😆. They're pretty lovely, just like your awesome photos here. I didn't know you dabbled in photography as well, and seeing this, I wonder why you've not shared more of them before. Keep up the great work! ❤️

Thank you! I've shared photos before, I just never edited them before xD My "raw" photos aren't really impressive haha

Lol, that's more than what I've done. I can't even take photos properly without putting my finger on the lens 😆

Beautiful photos, Kristy! That little birdie sure is cute! 🤗

Really cool works ! I loved the firey sky and moon

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