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Bees can be the trickiest of subjects. Not only do they buzz around like some kind of black and yellow mofos, more often than not they will show you their pointy end as they crawl into a flower and then reverse out before buzzing off. Getting a good headshot is one of the more challenging things in macro photography.

It also really comes down to the type of flowers. We have these really large daisies in the garden that have a very open structure. That makes it a bit easier to run around and try to catch a full-frontal (ooh-err) while they drink up the nectar.

I was quite lucky with this bee who spent a relatively long time feasting on this flower from a few different angles.


ISO 200, f11, 105mm, 1/250 sec, Exposed with flash

I really love the tri-colour effect of purple, black and yellow but I'm not too sure about the yellow petals in the background. They seem both distracting and add to the image at the same time. Be interesting to hear what you guys think about those.

Anyway, just the one image for today, I am going to spend some time getting some shots for @derangedvisions latest flower photography competition




Beautiful shot. You are tempting me to buy the Canon 90D so I can get closer with my macro shots.

It does give you that extra few megapixels that you really do need, as well as the 1.6 crop factor. This pic has actually been rotated 45 degrees so I did effectively lose maybe 1/3 of the pixels doing that.

The one thing I miss on the 90D compared to the 60D I used to use is the Magic Lantern firmware. There was a feature on that called "Focus Trapping" which was awesome for macro - would fire the shutter at the very moment that the selected part of the image came into focus. It is sort of compensated for with the live view and focus peaking, but it's not the same (plus I rarely use live view cos it's generally impossible to use outdoors)

The color pallet in this pic is really pretty and warm, good job!
Bees are one of my favorite insects of all, not only the look really elegant and nice but the whole pollination thing is really cool for a really nerd point of view lol
I guess I would very much like to get into apiculture... if I wasn't allergic to their sting lol

Can't have everything right...

Cheers. I posted an image a week or so ago with a bee that was covered in pollen. Suprised it could fly to be honest.

I don't find the upper yellow distracting at all, on the contrary it draws my eye through the whole image from upper right to lower left so as to not miss very much at all in the image. With the bee in the center it gives the eyes a slight pause, but then it continues down to the end of the photo taking the whole thing in.

If an attempt to crop the upper yellow were made it would leave that little bit of odd yellow to the upper right of the bee making it look like a false wing, so I think it does add to the overall effect of the image.

Thanks for the lovely comment. Gotta agree with you after some reconsideration.

Hello, beautiful photo, good luck in challenge!)

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