Cat stole the show

Hello people. Yesterday I was at my friends house taking some photos of his guitar, his friend made this guitar by himself from scratch and it looks amazing, but after long time use it has some scratches made during some music shows where he attended.

I just wanted to post some details that I took just to show you how it looks beautiful, and one more thing, his cat stole the show. :D He has some grumpy cat that always wants to fight with someone, especially me, because I love to play with him but after long day of running and doing nothing he had to take some rest, that was the best time to take photos of him. :D








These are some beautiful shots. Love the guitar and the cat... they are both showstoppers! hahaha

Thanks, I'm glad that you liked them. :)

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Both sets of photos are very cool! Love the eyes on the last cat one...

Those are some really big eyes. :D