Happy Christmas Eve

Hello people, long time no see (I guess I will be always say that because my posts are really rare these days/months). I didn't photographed a lot during my pause because of our work and some other things in my life.

So what things happened to me during my pause: I got engaged so we have a lot of things to do to get prepared for wedding that is coming this June. I mean, we have 5 months to prepare but I think it will come really fast. :D

Anyways, today is a Orthodox Christmas Eve and I took few photos of that celebration with some fireworks at the end.

I will do my best to make new posts at least every 5 days or maybe less because I really feel bad for not posting 2 months.











Srećan Božić!

Srećan Božić!

Why were the horses at the bonfire?

It is in our tradition, in our village, to bring branch from "Christmas" oak with horses and burn it on a bonfire.

That’s a nice tradition!

Such scenery celebration photos! 📸👍

We featured your photograph in our @PhotoCuration selection, congrats!

Thank you very much for that! :)

Really colorful photos
Those fireworks are epic 🎆

Thanks, I'm glad that you liked them. :)

Loved... 🙌🏾

Happy Holidays 🎊

I love it, what magnificent photos.

I'm glad that you liked them. :)