It's snowing! Snowflakes

Look what happened today at my place, snow! :D Finally Winter that has snow that represents season at the best. For this post I prepared few snow flakes that I took, literally, few minutes ago, edited them a little bit and uploaded to Hive for you to enjoy.

So, what I did was took my head cap, placed it on the ground, took my camera and flash and waited for snow flakes to drop on it. After I see single snow flake I take a shot, there were a lot of out of focus photos because when you are taking macro photos you need to be still for a second to capture some sharp photo. I've chosen few photos that I wanted to share with you, enjoy. If it doesn't stop snowing tonight there will be more photos, some interesting one with flash, you will see it, hopefully it won't stop snowing.

See ya! :)






Одлично ти је ово испало, @miroslavrc. Јеси ли видео ово:

Hvala. Nisam ranije video ovaj klip, ja sam gledao slicne neke. :)