Welcome snow!

Hello people! It's snowing right now and forecast said it will be snowing for whole day, only downside is that it's not that cold so snow will melt pretty quickly. While I'm typing for this post snow started to fall pretty hard and with really big snowflakes, I'm looking it through window right now. :D

Anyways, I took some photos of snow fall and some details where snow didn't melted yet. I really like the one with sheep, she looks confused while eating dry grass. :D















Lepe fotografije, konačno počela zima, šteta što ga nije bilo tokom praznika.

Hvala veliko, bas steta, nije vreme vise isto kao sto je pre bilo.

Same here in Belgium, snowing! But will most probably not stay…
Some pretty nice photo’s you took! Love the wood and the sheep!

I guess only way to see snow outside will be on mountains. I mean, it's beautiful seeing snow fall but I want it to see it on the ground for days. :D

Same here! Wishing it stays out for a few days… it is looking promising at the moment!

We still haven't gotten any snow yet here at the beach in Maryland, either. That sheep is so cute : )

I hope you will see snow at the beach, that would look epic. :D

Lol imagine you’re eating and someone is spraying water on your food. That’s probably how the sheep felt🤣

Hahaha, exactly! :D

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Beautiful photography 😍😍

Thank you! :)

Nice captures

Your pictures are fking sick mate, damn! Well done :D

Thank you very much, I'm glad that you liked them :D

Great shots. I bet the bees can't wait for the spring to get out of these hives.

Probably, they are impatient. :D