Milky Way rising over "alien eggs" in Northern California

These strange spherical boulders on the Mendocino coast in Northern California are revealed only during low tide. Resembling bowling balls (or alien eggs 👽) they are actually called concretions and were formed as the softer surrounding sandstone was eroded by the Pacific Ocean over millions of years.

Bowling Ball Beach.jpg

There's at least four conditions that need to be satisfied to make this photo possible. First the right time of year - the galactic core of the Milky Way is only visible during part of the year (March to early October). Second is the phase of the moon - around new moon is best so that the light from the moon doesn't wash out the Milky Way. Third - the tide needs to be low otherwise the boulders are completely submerged. Finally the weather - during the summer this area is often engulfed in fog resulting in poor visibility. One night all these factors were favorable so I decided to make the 8 hour long roundtrip from San Francisco Bay Area where I live.

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These do look like the eggs in Aliens. Hopefully, no face-huggers come popping out!

These totally look like alien eggs. Like they're straight out of Scott Ridleys terrifying world. Very cool place, and well shot with the milkyway lining up. Nice job man

Thank you!

Defiantly looks like a bunch of Alien eggs haha. Absolute beauty!

Thank you!

Great use of long exposure for the foreground. Love this!

Thank you!

well worth the drive!!!!! cracking image

Thank you!

Wow, I love the mood and atmosphere. Almost unearthly. It must have been a great joy having all the conditions work out so perfectly. Great result!

definitely alien eggs.

Stellar shot, Marcin!

What an otherworldly looking place, it does look alien! Really amazing photo!

This is what I was talking about in my previous comment! This is AWESOME work! Fantastic! though everything seems to be from another world.