Hike #38b: Krivánská Malá Fatra (Slovakia)

Welcome to the next episode of photo-series dedicated to hiking adventures. Back in April, I published first post about our three day long trek in Malá Fatra mountains (the Krivanska part) in Slovakia. But no more posts followed so far. Until now, so here we are. Last time we ended up at foothill of the mountain Malý Rozsutec (~1344m). Let's see how we battled with the bad weather back then😉

The weather really sucks, each minute the visibility is worse. Still we cannot miss climbing up the mountain.


Half an hour later, it is even worse😆

Milk-like views from the top of the mountain.




We better descend as forecast does not look promising.


Steel ropes, stairs...



Looks like a spot where wooden ad hoc poles await their owner when they return back from the summit.


Nearly two hours later, we are under the cloud-lid.



At last, in civilization (village Štefanová). Don't touch the flowers, the sign reads.


Now I am very thirsty! Awesome beer by local mountain brewery Vŕšky.


View of the village Štefanová.


Almost there!


It is cold. Chalet Chata na Grúni. The place where we are about to stay overnight.


Best drink in cold weather😁 This beer is called Golden pheasant😁

We do not stay up late, as tomorrow it may be better than today...


Next day morning, new expectations, new frustration from the bad weather😆


Because of the ugly weather we adapt our today's plans and walk only the necessary path.


It is starting to rain.




An hour before the noon, we manage to clamber up the mountain ridge (which ranges between ~1400-1600m).


It's cold, wet, rainy and windy.


Some summit but no one cares as we see *** anyway.





Fresh cranberries. Yummy!


Finally, we arrive at another mountain chalet (Chata pod Chlebom (1415m)) where we will stay overnight.

You can find funny and peaceful signs on it:
Careful, good dog! But he is a nervous wreck.
Careful, bad dog! But the housekeeper, she is even worse!
If the dog does not bite you, I will shoot you.


Since it is raining cats and dogs out there, we eat (very good soup),...


... play games (the toilet game),...


... build towers,...


... and for sure, we drink beer in a hope that tomorrow, it must work out. We will find that out in one of my future posts😉

As for the beer, it is actually quite good lager by Slovak brewery Martins.


This was the first and second day of our trek we did back in August 2020. Thank you for reading this post. If you like it, stay tuned as more cool stuff will definitely come. In the meantime, don't forget to check out my Pinmapple profile to see all places I have visited on the map! See you on the trail😉



Počasí aka mlíko, známe velmi dobře, na Azorech hodně častý jev, který nám tam pokazil nejeden hike :D :/ Za snahu a překvapivě nezasmajlíkované eMko si však nějakého toho Tipa zasloužíš :)

@tipu curate 4

😁 i v mlíku je někdy fajn, zaměřiš své oko na jiné věci, ale když do toho prší, tak je to pak už na houby.

Díky za podporu🙏

No, když se horko těžko vyškrábeš na nějaký kopec za účelem panoramatických výhledů do krajiny a nahoře dostaneš mlíko, že si nevidíš na špičku nosu, to se pak těžko na něco zaměřuje :D

Rádo se stalo. Vidím, že jsem nebyl zdaleka sám. "Upadlo" slušně, jen co je pravda :D

Ano, pravda. Už jak jsme se škrábali navrch, bylo hnusně a bylo dost pravděpodobné, že bude i nahoře hnusně, přesto jsem tam chtěl jít, protože když už jsme tam, byl by hřích tu horu vynechat, pak bych si nemohl říct, že jsem tam vylezl, byť šlo prd vidět :-) Příště to bude třeba za ažura, anebo taky ne.

Jsem rád, že i ostatní ocenili nejen tu mléčnou snahu😁

This looks like such an awesome journey! I'm glad you still have the shots to share and remember the moments!

Yeah, retrospectively, I can say it was fun😁

Hindsight is 20/20 hahaha

Seems like an enjoyed trip, the environment looks so serene and peaceful.

Thanks for sharing those nice shots for the night

Happy you like it.

Sure, I do

Parádní výhled, ten znám taky, akorát z úplně jiný hory... :D

jo jo, všude to bývá stejně😁

Nice travel and wonderfull photography

Thank you!😉

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You're welcome!

I enjoyed watching your trekked, that was cool and finding fresh berries and enjoying good beer at the end of a long journey. But the peaceful sign really cracked me up.😆

Happy you find it amusing😁 Stay tuned as there's gonna be one more post about that trek😉

Drinking beer while waiting...😁🤣

Indeed. Found it as the best activity for overcoming bad weather😁

I would do the same 😀 That was really steep mountain you climbed on. Awesome one. Thanks for sharing...


This site is an interesting place to visit I love the pictures but there's a particular rock laying on the ground from afar I thought it's a lack but when I zoomed the picture I discovered it's a piece of stone I love . Much fun you had .

Yep, there is plenty of different and amazing rocks / rock formations😉

Claiming the mountains was of my favorites when I was in northern part of Nigeria, Jos. It has some beautiful mountains and rocks.

Great! Claiming the mountains is fun. Happy you like it!

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This looks like such an awesome journey! I'm glad you still have the shots to share and remember the moments!


@onlavu that looks like fun, hard work and cool beers 👍

The fog makes looks everything more interesting!!

Yep, indeed😉

 last year  Reveal Comment

Yeah, sometimes it is difficult, but if I do not do it, I will have no photos to share😀