Hike #38c: Krivánská Malá Fatra (Slovakia)

Welcome to the next episode of photo-series dedicated to hiking adventures. In my last post, I shared with you what lovely milk and wet weather we had back in Malá Fatra mountains (the Krivanska part) in Slovakia. Here is third day of our trek. Perhaps will the weather improve?! Let's see😉

We spent the night at the chalet under the mountain Chleb (1645 m). We are well aware we have to set out. After ~2km, we reach the highest point of our expedition (Veľký Kriváň). Sadly, at 9 am it is still milky weather, so we see just milk from the altitude of 1,7km.


"Please take a picture of me on that cool hill. Thanks!"



Unsure, but I would say it is cornflower (centaurea).


Yep, it was raining yesterday.


Oh, it is getting interesting now.


I love narrow mountain ridges like this one! Sadly we see 💩 😆


Two hours later, we get to the summit Malý Kriváň (1671 m). Still milky weather😠


I think this beautiful plant is simply thistle (cirsium).


Don't say! I can see a bit of blue sky😍


Not far away, we see these rocks.


Half an hour later, we are pleased by this sign of improved weather.


There is a small window! That is how we internally call it when you, at least partially, see through the clouds 😁


Looks incredible!


Alright, we have to keep moving!




Damn! Clouds again (Kriváň, the mountain at the center).


We keep walking that magnificent mountain trail immersed in clouds.


Amazing views from the ridge!


The stones on the right, it is basically the trail we are walking.


Well, I am not local, but I dare to say we are now looking directly towards Velka Fatra mountains (perhaps next mountains on my bucket list?).


That highest peak is Veľký Kriváň.


2 pm, it is the highest time to focus on our way home as we have to catch our train back home.




View from the mountain Suchý (1468 m). The mountain ridge you can see on the opposite site is part of Lúčanská Malá Fatra mountains. I walked it in this post😊


Unfortunately, time to descend.



What a steep slope.


Time to say goodbye to the mountains😢


Grass is still wet.


Amazing piece of nature, isn't it?!


Look at this hungry exhibitionist!


Any clue who that is?!😁


Quick goldish refreshment by brewery Martins at chalet under the mountain Kľačianska Magura (1367 m).


Made by some kind of woodworm.


And here is the end. As usual, the +-itinerary of our 3-day long trek.


This was last day of our trek we did back in August 2020. Thank you for reading this post. If you like it, stay tuned as more trekking adventures will definitely come. In the meantime, don't forget to check out my Pinmapple profile to see all places I have visited on the map! See you on the trail😉



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Ohh! That was so amazing , panoramic view at the top, and you always took time to notice the smallest creature around you. That was really cool, major hiked. great photos as well like you always have.❤️💪

Very glad you like it😉
Small creatures = fun 😄

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😯 Thank you!

Those mountain photos are truly immense and incredible. I enjoyed the views a lot.


Malá Fatra is really cool mountains to hike. Happy you enjoyed it😎

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Beautiful photos!

Thanks 🙏

This looks like a really cool hike although hiking in that milky weather would worry me. I love the sarcasm in this post lol and the pic of you on that hill. Weather aside, I'm glad that it was a good day 3 and by the end of it you got some nice shots unobscured by cloud cover.

Have no idea who your worm buddy is, but he sure is pretty.

😁 Happy someone directly appreciates my sense for humor. Stay tuned😉

...a mračna se rozestoupila :)) No paráda, ale ani ty makrošky kytek, kapek a hmyzu nejsou vůbec špatné.

Tady tradičně něco málo od cesty, tuláku :)

@tipu curate 4

Hory jsou nevyzpytatelné, však to znáš. Tulák almužničkou nepohrdne a děkuje 🙏 😁

No vzhledem k tomu, že tu nakonec zase vidím kilec, tak ten můj příspěvek byl ve finále opravdu jen almužnička :D To jsou rance toto, máš formu! :D

Yay! 🤗
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