Hike #43a: Tatra National Park (Poland/Slovakia)

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Hi there!

It has been LONG time since my last post. No more waiting, here it is. Enjoy short report of our little trekking adventures in magnificent Tatra mountains (Poland/Slovakia).

We start our journey in a little village Gronik, close to well known city Zakopane, Poland. After one kilometer, we are passing by this cute brook.


Gorgeous meadows under the mountains!


Nice but invasive species plant, if not mistaken. Unable to identify it😁

Feasting my eyes on magnificent views after we climb up a bit.





The mountain in the middle of this shot is named Kondracka (2005 m.a.s.l.). We will take that path to get there.


We are almost at the top of the mountain Wielki Giewont (1895 m.a.s.l.). Pretty busy spot, you need to wait in a queue up.




Cloud-covered Wielki Giewont with the cross.

One sad comment about this popular peak. Crowds of hikers want to get to the iron cross there. On the top of that, there is an iron chain on the path to the peak. Weather changes rapidly in such altitude. Few years ago, there was a thunderstorm with lightnings. Sadly, some did not make it, many were injured. Just a memento - mountains are beautiful, but they can be harsh sometimes.



Knotweed, my favorite.

View from the mountain Kopa Kondracka (2005 m.a.s.l.).

Without clouds, the scenery would be incomplete.

Wielki Giewont with the tiny cross on the left!



Zoomed in. We are lucky as we see at least one chamois!



Taking photos on the mountain Malolučniak (2105 m.a.s.l.). It is nothing unusual to meet religious hikers in Polish mountains. However, worse thing is when they easily overtake you while climbing up 😁


Here is itinerary of our way up: ↑ 1391m & ↓249m


How was the descent? Let's check it out in the next post. This was 27th July, 2022. Thank you for reading this post. If you like it, stay tuned as more trekking adventures will definitely come. In the meantime, don't forget to check out my Pinmapple profile to see all places I have visited on the map! See you on the trail😉



I love High Tatras! I'm from Slovakia, so I visited them many times. They are so special.. small in size, but so different to any other mountain ranges. Now, I live in Switzerland, so I had many opportunities to compare 😊

Stunning photos! I love the one with those nuns.. they can have fun too 😊

Have a lovely day!

Mountains in Slovakia are just awesome. Swiss mountains, that must be something. Friend of mine works there. Perhaps one day we meet on a trail there😉

Happy you like my photos🙏

Tady na kolegu můžeš klidně taky slovensky ;) Je to kamarád, známe se přes 30 let. Přemlouval jsem ho, aby jel na HiveBeeCon se mnou, ale zrovna nemohl... Tak se poznáte třeba příště :)

Cez 30 rokov? Kamaráti zo škôlky? 😉

Ze školy. Od první třídy. No jo no, letí to :D

Opravdu jsem si "pochutnal" :-)
Pořád mám před očima jednu mojí cestu do Tater a rád na to vzpomínám. Díky za osvěžení vzpomínek.
za použití #aroundtheworld

Rádo se stalo, Tatry jsou pecka, taky bych to tam ještě více prošel. Jen těch lidí tam 😒

Je to vyhlášená destinace, tak je tam plno. Nevím, jestli by mi ty davy nepokazily radost z pobytu.

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😯 Thank you! 🙏

No vida, téměř půlroční čekání se vyplatilo :D Slušná raketka! Horské panorámata nadchly, sprintující jeptišky pobavily :) Velmi kvalitní matroš, rád předávám multitipáka :)

@tipu curate 7

Btw nezapomeň vybrat jednu soutěžní fotku a přihlásit ji k Bucíkovi sem: https://hive.blog/hive-147010/@bucipuci/around-the-world-challenge-224

😁 Tož hezké počasí končí, na čase sednout za komp a cosi potvořit. Díky za podporu🙏

Nadstandardně teplé a slunečné počasí jsi měl letos až do půlky října, tak teď hezky až do jara pěkně zasednout k pc a posílat sem jednu petelicu za druhou! :D

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