Enchanting Pruhonice Park in sparkling autumnal colors: part 1

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Although the autumn has already been in full control of nature here in Central Europe for long weeks, it was not until very recently that I finally had a chance to do some proper autumnal photo shooting out there in nature. For this purpose, however, I picked one of the most picturesque locations in the whole city of Prague and possibly also in the whole country - the breathtaking Pruhonice Park.

Located on the southeastern outskirts of Prague, the Pruhonice Park is a part of the famous Pruhonice Chateau Complex. Established in 1885, the park is really huge, covering a total area of some 250 hectares. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park is also a National Cultural and Historic Landmark. An important part of the Czech Institute of Botany, the Pruhonice Park is home to almost 2,000 species of plants and trees so when walking around, it really feels like being in a giant botanical garden.

Nevertheless, despite all the natural beauty, it´s actually the magnificent Pruhonice Chateau that is usually considered the most dominant feature of the park. It´s an impressive piece of Renaissance architecture with a very specific, fairy tale like atmosphere, which is probably also why the chateau has been featured in a number of popular Czech fairytales and fantasy movies. I will write a separate post dedicated to the chateau itself but let me start out by showing you some of the beauty of the spectacular park that surrounds the chateau ;)

We visited the park last Sunday. It was a beautiful, unusually warm and sunny day so all the lovely autumnal colors of the plants and trees were sparkling bright and it felt so great and refreshing to roam around the pictures little paths of the park. I must have taken close to a hundred of photos in there and even after some later reduction and editing of the photo batch, I ended up having way too many pictures of the park to share with you in one post so I decided to make it a mini series consisting of 2 parts with each of them featuring 17 pictures.

Without further ado, here comes the first part ;)


















I hope you enjoyed the pictures taken by me in the Pruhonice Park. You probably noticed the chateau in some of them but these are still pictures where nature is the main theme. As I already mentioned, the chateau will be dedicated a separate post here on my Hive blog later on as I did some shooting of the chateau too and I cannot wait to show you those pictures ;) Next week, however, I will post the second and final part of this photography mini series about the splendid Pruhonice Park.

I should also add that the entrance fee to the park is 100 Czech Crowns (approximately 4 EUR / USD) and that you can find the exact location of the park in Pinmapple ;)

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V požádku!!🍂🍁🌹

Tvůj nápad to byl ;) Děkuju :*

😱😱 very nice photos 👏👏, I love a lot your post, congratulations my friends, greetings 🙋🙋

Thanks man, glad I could share some of these autumnal vibes with you ;) Cheers!

I always appreciate your photos it's very beautiful and nice.

And I always appreciate your kind feedback ;) Thanks!

Ugh, I've never liked fall as much as I do in these photos! It's very beautiful!

Thank you :) The first half of autumn can be very nice and colorful. Then, however, when all the leaves and colors are gone, it´s not so enjoyable anymore :D :/

I see a glimpse of heaven in these photos! You are one lucky soul to witness this beautiful place!

Wow, these are powerful words :) Thank you!

@tipu curate 5

Průhonický park je moc pěkný, minulý rok jsme ho projeli s kočárkem.

Povedené fotky.

Díky :) Jo, je to moc pěkné místo, nebylo to naše první návštěva ;) Ještě si to asi zopáknem v zimě, až zapadne sněhem...


Great photos man! Which camera do you take them? I bet Prague is one of the most green city in Europe. I thought it mostly consisted of concretes.

Thanks mate :) Well, I´m still using my old Xiaomi phone, still haven´t bought a new one :D But when the light conditions are good, it can still take pretty decent pictures ;)

Yeah, Prague is very green, you already know that from some of my older posts ;)

Right, if you catch a good light, the photo looks good.

Exactly :)

OMG the color of the autumn in your place is so beautiful, dear friend @phortun
We don't have that autumn in Vietnam. I am envious with you 😁. I really enjoy your photos.

Thanks buddy :) I think I actually saw some similar autumnal scenes and colors in some of your posts, I think it was from the mountains... I guess the climate is too tropical for autumn in other parts of your country :D

Omg! That's heaven like, great place to be. I won't get tired or bored to be in that place for sure.. everything splendid.. Can't wait for the next post you mention..

Aww, thank you very much for this lovely comment :) I´m so excited about the feedback so far. I hope the second part of the series and the post about the chateau won´t disappoint either ;)

Ok, ya quiero ir a Praga! Este lugar se ve increíble y el precio de la entrada creo que está bastante bien! Me encantan las fotos, la naturaleza y este parque!

Thank you very much Evelyn! :) In fact, all of the other parks in Prague are free of charge, the fee is only for this one and that´s because the park is also a botanical garden and there is a chateau too :) I hope my Prague posts will inspire you to visit this city soon, now that you live "just behind the corner" :)) Saludos!

Ayyy quieroo ir! Como ves, ya estoy inspirada! solo espero el momento! Saludos! 🤗

Cool :) You can come for the Christmas Markets for example, Prague have some really nice ones ;) But so have Krakow and many other Polish cities. You will have a lot of places to choose from :D ;)

Here is a picture of one of the Prague Christmas Markets (not taken by me though)

Eso es un buena idea! Me encanta la navidad! No puedo esperar a ver las hermosas luces! Gracias por la recomendación!

Con mucho gusto ;)

Me estás inspirando a ir al mercado navideño de Praga jajaja

I loved your publication very much, without a doubt that the colors of autumn are to fall in love with.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this little collection :)

Wonderful pics!!

Thank you! Yours were also stunning like I already wrote ;)

Looks like a fairytale over there. Great shots.

In fact, several fairytales have been shot at this location ;) Thanks for checking out the photos man!

I probably saw one of them for sure, in my opinion it was called "3 nuts for Cinderella" :-)

Hey @singa, I´m sorry for the late reply, I´m just catching up on the comments that I have missed in the past few days. This fairy tale is the most popular Christmas fairy tale in my country and we love it so much but it was not shot in Pruhonice. The chateau from this fairy tale can be found in Germany :)

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A long overdue thank you, I know, but... thank you guys! :)

Beautiful photographs, without a doubt the fall colors are amazing.

Thanks :) Glad you liked the photos!

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Yay, thanks! :)

autumn is for sure the best season of the years in term of photography, the colors makes everything magical like from a fairy tale. i saw in your photos something like a castle wow

It´s actually a chateau, not a castle but yeah, it´s a beautiful building and I will write a separate post about it soon ;) Thanks for checking out the photos!

Wow… amazing captures. Love the colours and changes of the leaves. What a beautiful surroundings. That was a lovely walk around @phortun, enjoyed coming along so much.
Thanks for sharing these great photographs with us.
Have an awesome Wednesday! 👋🏻☀️🍂🍁

Thank you for these nice words! It was a very enjoyable walk indeed, we spent a couple of hours just hanging around the park, admiring all the autumnal beauty over there :) It was a pleasure to share these pictures with you. I will see you in the second part :)

You are so welcome @phortun 😊 I would do the same… taking it all in. Autumn is so beautiful when the changes are so visual. 🍂🍁🥰
Thanks a lot! Yep… let’s hope I catch it 😉😎
Have a great Thursday 👋🏻😊

Right :) Have a great day too and sorry for the late reply :)

Thanks so much @phortun 😎 no problem… we are all busy sometimes, as I was this weekend too.
Have a great new week! 👋🏻😊

Holy shit, brother. I told you before that your photos are getting better and better, and this time it's no different.

Thanks mate! It´s just my old phone trying to talk me out of getting a new one but he can only do that when the light conditions are good, which they were that day :D ;)

Wow...these are colorful photos, so beautiful 😍❤️ and nice. I guess you are a professional photographer 😂👍
Thanks for sharing this with us 👌

Thank you very much for your kind feedback but I´m definitely not a pro :) In fact, I don´t even have a real camera, just my old phone :D ;)

Wow!!! perfect photos

Thank you :)

What an awesome colorful autumn. Thanks for sharing!
(For a moment, I thought it was in Hradec n.Moravicí :-D )

Jo, Hradecký zámek (zámky) jsou na podzim taky moc pěkné, víme, byli jsme, fotili jsme ;)

Nedivím se, že si filmaři často vybírají Průhonice do pohádek :-)
za použití #aroundtheworld

Já taky ne :) Dokonce se tam točila i má oblíbená S čerty nejsou žerty ;)

Dodatečně díky za Luváka a zařazení do soutěže...

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How beautiful it is there now. Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year - that 's for sure. However, your photos always evoke indescribable emotions and their mood improves.

Thank you so much for your skill and love for this beautiful country, which I was also lucky enough to visit once :-)

Thank you for checking out the photos and leaving this kind feedback, I really appreciate it :)

Los😲 every part of this park deserves a postcard! Wow! What are those red in the fourth photo? Flowers or some kind of fruits? I love the sixth photo 😻
Can't wait for the second part 😁

Finally catching up on the comments that I have missed... Thanks for your kind words my friend, I´m glad you enjoyed this little tour! :)

The red "berry" in the fourth picture? It´s actually this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxus_baccata and it´s highly poisonous ;)

😲😬 dangerous beauty ☢️