Random flowers and some random thoughts too

I think we can all agree that we can find beauty wherever nature exists. It may seem that a flower is just a mundane thing that exists on the side of the road but it also bears a beauty that we can only see when viewed up close. Every flower has a unique characteristic. The colors could be different from each other. The petals could have a different shape and size than the other flowers. The scent could be a unique characteristic as well.

A few days back, I searched for the flowers that exist in our neighborhood and photographed them in such a way that I brought up their unique qualities as best as I could. I also did my own style of editing to add some dramatic effect to the picture.

This flower has an alien-like quality because of the way the petals are shaped and textured. And of course, the tentacles look scary when seen in close up view.

This tiny flower looks like a star because of its shape and color.

This is quite unique because it has to grow from the side of the stem. This flower is different from the other flowers that I've seen that have its own stem.

They look like angels with their pure white color. They look graceful when they are grouped this way.

I'm not sure if you can imagine but these flowers look like tiny jellyfish in my eyes.

I think our imagination can explore the possibilities by simply looking at the products of nature, a good example is a flower. They don't just follow a specific design they keep on evolving to adapt to the environment where they are.

Nature is beautiful and it's an undeniable masterpiece.

Have a great day!


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