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No, no postcard today. At least, I haven't found a postcard of this house yet... the original inhabitants may not have been important enough 😉

It has been there for several years now and every time I pass by during my walks I have to stop for a while. I don't know why either, but I think it's a beautiful facade and the general appearance has something stately to it. And then I won't say anything about the beautiful art nouveau decoration on the balcony. It is a pity that this kind of decoration is no longer used in new construction... it would even give the contemporary concrete misfires some cachet...

Anyway, I don't know the residents but I'm sure they have a sense of humor. That's why I took this photo... can you guess why? Look closely, to some it's funny, to others lurid. But it is original 🙃

And in case you were wondering, the original color of the facade is sand colored (light yellow) and grey/blue. But I chose this color-splash edit because this way the reflections and the art nouveau part come into their own.

PS: I looked it up and the house was built in 1897 for a wealthy businessman. It is of course a protected monument and so...perhaps there is a postcard of it after all. So I’ll keep looking 😉

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I just love that pic - its fantastic. The reflections, the window shapes and the architecture - lovely ! Nice capture !

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It is a lovely building.


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