[EN\DE] Abandoned mining site

The area where I live is known for extensive mining and there are many abandoned mining sites here from over half a century ago. These days they are mostly turned into museums but a few are still untouched and you can see the old machines there as they were when the sites were active.

Die der Gegend in der ich lebe gibt ist bekannt für Bergbau und es gibt hier noch viele verlassene Zechengelände. Viele davon sind mittlerweile zu Museen umgebaut worden aber man findet noch ein paar die unangetastet geblieben sind in denen man immer noch die alten Maschinen in dem Zustand finden kann wie diese waren als die Zechen aktiv waren.


This room is called a "Klaue". It was the place the miners went to change from their street clothes into the mining clothes. There was a strikt separation of the rooms for the clothes to prevent taking the dust from the mines out to the street. The mining side was called black Klaue and the street clothes side was called white Klaue. The chains running all over the ceiling was used to put the clothes into little cages and pull them up first of all to keep them away from dirt but also to prevent stealing and keep them out of the way.
To bring out the structure of this amazing room I decided to add some selective lighting and orbs with a fine structure.

Dieser Raum wurde Klaue genannt. Es war ein Raum speziell zum Umziehen für die Bergleute denn es gab eine strenge Trennung zwischen Straßenkleidung und Bergbaukleidung um zu verhindern das der Staub aus der Mine raus getragen wird. Die Seite zur Mine wurde Schwarzklaue und die Seite zur Straße Weißklaue genannt. Die Ketten die man hier sieht wurden benutzt um kleine Käfige in denen die Kleidung verstaut wird hoch an die Decke zu ziehen. Dies wurde hauptsächlich gemacht um diese vor Schmutz zu schützen aber auch um Diebstahl zu verhindern und damit die Kleidung nicht im Weg ist.
Um die interessante Struktur dieses Raumes hervor zu heben habe ich den Raum selektiv beleuchtet und ein paar Orbs mit feinen Strukturen eingefügt.


Since these mines use a lot of power there were large rows of fuses to protect the power network. This room was filled with whole shelves full of big fuses and power cables.
I thought red lighting was a good choice to show the danger of this room and at the end of the row you can spot a ghost of a former miner.

Da Minen eine Menge Strom benutzen wurden diese auch mit einer ganzen Batterie von Sicherungen geschützt. Dieser Raum war gefüllt mir ganzen Regalen voller dicken Sicherungen und Stromkabeln.
Ich dachte mir eine rote Beleuchtung fängt am besten die Gefahr ein die in diesem Raum herrschte und am Ende des Ganges kann man den Geist eines ehemaligen Bergmannes sehen.


Mining sites also contain a lot of pipework. Huge pumps bigger then a human are used to move around gasses and keep the deep shafts oxygenated. To get some scale I put a human sized orb next to part of the extensive pipework.

Bergwerke beinhalten auch eine Menge Rohrsysteme. Riesige mannshohe Pumpen wurden benutzt um alle möglichen Gase zu bewegen und die Minenschäfte mit Sauerstoff zu versorgen.
Um eine Perspektive für die Größe der Rohre zu geben habe ich einen mannshohen Orb neben einen Teil des Rohrsystems gestellt.


Even tho these places were very tough workplaces there was also room for art and decorations. Miners loved to put their own style of art into the buildings so at the entrance to the mine this large window inspired the miners that there is beauty in the world.

Obwohl diese Bergwerke sehr anspruchsvolle Arbeitsplätze waren gab es immer Raum für Kunst und Dekorationen. Bergleute liebten es ihren eigenen Stil in die Gebäude einzuarbeiten. Daher findet man am Eingang zu der Mine dieses Fenster welches die Bergleute inspiriert und zeigt das es an diesen eher düsteren Ort auch Schönheit gibt.

Like all my art all photos were created in front of the camera using camera tricks and lightpainting techniques. no digital manipulation involved in post production.

You can find more of my work and information on my homepage.

Greetings to my friends who practice the same kind of magic @fastchrisuk, @fadetoblack, @lichtkunstfoto, @martbarras, @stepko, @marlasinger666, @lightandlense, @fastchrisuk, @yo-hoho, @oddballgraphics, @martbarras, @neilru75, @maxpateau, @mafufuma & @rod.evans.visual


Nice work, very interesting location, shots and writeup. The area that I'm in is also known historically for mining, but as far as I know, most of the mines have been returned to their original state, i.e. demolished, buried and not much remains. As far as I know. Except for one thing I wish to lightpaint one day, but I'll leave it for then 😇

The shafts here got filled up or closed down for the most part too. But the buildings on top and all those around the mines are mostly still there.
Not only the mining sites but also large steel plants and similar industry. Turned into a local tourist attraction mostly but can still find some that are untouched. And I like those much more then those that got renovated and restored.

Sehr coole Bilder und eine coole Location. Da würde ich auch gerne mal mit meiner Taschenlampe rumfuchteln.

Musst halt mal in Pott kommen ;)

Ohh... klingt für mich als Berliner irgendwie gruselig. 🤣😂🤣 Nee, ist nur Spaß, mach ich gerne.

Great work buddy. Top draw faffing 👏👏

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I really liked the orb shot. That's a cool place with some interesting history. That window is amazing. I wonder who that dude is chained at the bottom?! hahaha

It is an angel, you can see the wings a little stylized left and right of it. Not sure if he really is chained up and if so why. But angels are often depicted next to miners here in reference to the wives of the miners. It was such a hard and dangerous job in the past that it was said that only angels could be able to endure the fear for these men. But church did not like angels being displayed as women in those time so they were depicted with male faces but female proportions.

Well, there are the rebel angels that were chained up below Tartarus in the Bible. Now that you pointed it out... if you look at the wings they look like demon wings and have some claws on the tips. You can see the chains connected to the foundation of the pillars leading to wrist cuffs.

I bet it's referencing how deep the miners go since according to the Greeks Tartarus is below Hell. So, you can't go much farther down than that. It's like the miner is the hero willing to brave being so close to the doom of where the rebel angels are being held and imprisoned. That archway he is standing in could be a symbolic reference to a gateway. VERY COOL!

I wonder what that shield says that covering the body of that dude at the bottom? Thanks for your response.

Not sure if Greek mythology mixes in there. Miners here were usually pretty Christian, at least the higher ups that had something to say how buildings get decorated. But there was also a strong mix of different cultures and religions among them so it might have some influences from there.

The text on the shield is a miners greeting that was very common in this region. "Glück" means luck and "auf" is up, so essentially when greeting each others they tell each other good luck getting up and out of the shafts again.

Thanks for translating the shield. The New Testament of the Bible was written in Greek. There is a mention about some of the fallen angels being locked away in Tartarus. So, it's a Christain concept using Greek words to describe the place rather than an actual mythological reference. I hope that made sense. This post and your comments have been very enlightening!

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Interessanter Ort.

I love the painted glass. I just go crazy about them in churches, didn't expect to see one in a abandoned mine.

Miners were very religious here so they adopted that. Also it was one of the more reputable mines so extra care was taken to decorate it.