[EN\DE] Psycho Hotel

You can meet some interesting people when it gets dark outside. On a visit to a hotel I ran into a little psycho and documented the evening.

Man kann sehr interessante Leute treffen wenn es draußen dunkel wird. Bei einem Besuch in einem Hotel traf ich eine kleine Psycho und habe den Abend dokumentiert.


The mental breakdown was quite spectacular. In an empty room she was fighting her own demons. But it was obvious she would loose the battle so I kept my distance.

Der mentale Zusammenbruch war spektakulär anzusehen. In einem leeren Raum kämpfte sie mit ihren inneren Dämonen aber es war klar das sie den Kampf verlieren würde. Daher habe ich lieber abstand gehalten.


On a stroll through the hallways of the hotel she quickly found her victim for the night. With some quick swings of an axe the deed was done.

Auf einem Streifzug durch die Gänge des Hotels hat sie schnell ihr Opfer für die Nacht gefunden. Mit ein paar schnellen Schwüngen einer Axt war es auch schon erledigt.


Down in the basement the demons caught up with her and you could see her torment. Some evil spirits haunt her and drive her night after night.

Im Keller angekommen konnte man ihre Dämonen endlich sehen. Sie wird von bösen Geistern verfolgt die sie zu diesen Taten treiben.

DISCLAIMER: All these scenes are staged for this photo session. Obviously the model is not a psycho or criminal. She is actually a very peaceful and nice person.

ERKLÄRUNG: Alle Szenen wurden für diese Photo Session nachgestellt. Das Model ist natürlich keine Psycho oder Kriminelle, sie ist in echt eine sehr friedliche und sympathische Person.

The model is Zombrina Roxx and you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Like all my art all photos were created in front of the camera using camera tricks and lightpainting techniques. no digital manipulation involved in post production.

You can find more of my work and information on my homepage.

Greetings to my friends who practice the same kind of magic @fastchrisuk, @fadetoblack, @lichtkunstfoto, @martbarras, @stepko, @marlasinger666, @lightandlense, @fastchrisuk, @yo-hoho, @oddballgraphics, @martbarras, @neilru75, @maxpateau, @mafufuma & @rod.evans.visual


Hattest du gar kein Angst? Sie hat eine Axt! Coole Bilder Dennis.

War ja meine Axt, hab ich ihr nur geliehen ;)

🤣😂 Na dann...

Really enjoyed reading through that, top work. 👍

Thanks. I like to tell a little story with my work.

Tidy work buddy. Great stuff.

Thanks mate. Working with people is a lot of fun.

Awesome theme for a photoshoot. Theme could also be a great music video for a metal band.

Thanks. When I made that last one I thought it would make a great album cover.

Very beautiful photography it is an Awesome post and deserve for selection of curators.

I really like these shots. She looks like quite the character. Very photogenic! hahaha

Thanks, she is an awesome model very capable of getting into these roles and very experienced in lightpainting photos. Very different to a normal photo session and needs a good model for that kind.

I'm sure it takes something extra to model for lightpainting and it's also something to get into the role for Psycho Hotel!

Yeah the biggest difficulty is holding a pose for a longer time, sometimes for minutes. Most people move even if they don't realize it.

A bit frightening. :-)
!discovery light

Tolle Serie! Ich mag dein Storytelling 🤗

Danke, finde ich halt besser als einfach nur Bilder 🙂

A great collaboration Dennis and funny that you had to qualify the model as not really a psycho haha

Haha well she is a little freaky so she fits the role very well. Felt like I should mention it.

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