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RE: Memory Lane😌 - A Photography Contest?

This is such a beautiful post, I love reading about your memories and life moments captured.
I know we share the love for many things, and photography is one for sure. I love the one with the fishing pole with the dragonfly.
And that first picture is absolutly gorgeous 😍 and altho I know you said it wasn't your best one and your pictures improved, that picture is still amazing.

But I have to say that my favorite is this one ❤️


So full of LOVE ❤️

Such a beautiful way of your son
to say how much he loves you, and
I love how you hold hands.

How can that not melt the ❤️
I understand that it made YOU
teary of Happiness.

You are a true Hero to your kids, but ALSO to others ❤️ me included.

Thank you for sharing and I think this is an amazing idea for a contest 😉👍

I might join in or I send you
some hive to add in.
Stay YOU ❤️❤️❤️


I love you. I promise I will always stay me. My oldest boy has always been the sentimental type. I think he may even be an empath but we've never really tested it in the recent years.