Memory Lane😌 - A Photography Contest?

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I first connected my android device to Google photos in 2010. I thought it might be a neat idea to see some old pictures and since photography has become somewhat of a hobby, check out the quality of both my eye and the cameras back then. I mean c'mon, that was over a decade ago!

That first picture was taken in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the Appalacian Trail of eastern Tennessee in June of 2010. I was on Clingman's Dome and the pictures are of Mount Guyat and Old Black. I thought it neat seeing the sun rays peer through the clouds so had to get a picture. I also thought it cool to get the plant peeking above the mountain. 😝


Aside from ass and titties, it seems I didn't take a lot of pictures with my phone unless I wanted to remember something. This was taken in September of 2010 at Nashville Shores. The quality isn't great as I didn't really care, but I do remember it was the first time I had gotten a chance to go fishing by myself in almost 6 years and wanted to capture the closing of the day.


"It's you and me dad." Those words still are attached to my heart. This was a picture my oldest boy had drawn in the sand on the beach in Destin, Florida. Touched me a little more than a little bit, as it was the first time we had ever gone on an actual vacation outside of Tennessee. The fact that he drew us holding hands still gets me a little choked up.


There are 3 things I always have with me when I go somewhere; my gun(s), an emergency kit and my FISHING POLE! I believe I took this for my new wife at the time because she had asked what I was doing and if I was ok. It was July of 2011, the boys were with their mother and I needed some me time. Though the quality is shit, it was a brief moment in time I had to have. This may have even been my first one-handed snapshot (I've gotten a thousand times better since then). I loved it because the dragonfly had recognized my patience and payed my pole homage. I remember that rod too, I ended up snapping it reeling in a blue catfish down on the Tennessee River a few months later. Was a beautiful day.


How long has my Zombie dog, Wenzday, been fishing with me? This was taken in July of 2012 (yes, I had a camera I used for the vast majority of my pictures - rarely did we leave without it). This was the first time I had actually taken her at night! I remember how thrilled she was that I let her have the fish. It was also then that I realized she loved brains. I had just gotten her trained to where she didn't need a leash during the day at the park and heeded my voice despite other dogs and people being around. It was high time she got in some serious best friend action.

Memory Lane

So let's make this a contest! I'll throw 50 HIVE in the prize pool to see some sweet old pictures you have and hear about your memories. If anyone wants to sweeten the pot, just say so in the comments down there and I will edit this post to include them. Let's see, what do contests need? Ah rules. Ok, let's do this:

  • Post the first 5 (safe for work) pictures you had taken in either your iCloud or Google Photos account.
  • Tell us all a short story about each picture.
  • Use the tag #memorylane.


1st) - Will be awarded 25 HIVE + 1000 PIMP
2nd) - Will be awarded 15 HIVE
3rd) - Will be awarded 10 HIVE
Others maybe? - We'll see how many entries we get.

Edit: 1st will now be 30 HIVE & 1000 PIMP - 2nd will now be 20 HIVE - 3rd will now be 10 HIVE (courtesy of @zekepickleman)
Edit: 1st will now be 30 HIVE, 25 LEO & 1000 PIMP - 2nd will be 20 HIVE & 15 LEO - 3rd will be 10 HIVE & 10 LEO (courtesy of @summertooth)

That should do it. You have until the timer expires next Monday to get your entries in. I will plop this thing in some discords and here and there and hope plenty of people see it so they don't feel left out. While you are out there doing your thing-thing, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when my memory fails you - or me.😝

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This is such a beautiful post, I love reading about your memories and life moments captured.
I know we share the love for many things, and photography is one for sure. I love the one with the fishing pole with the dragonfly.
And that first picture is absolutly gorgeous 😍 and altho I know you said it wasn't your best one and your pictures improved, that picture is still amazing.

But I have to say that my favorite is this one ❤️


So full of LOVE ❤️

Such a beautiful way of your son
to say how much he loves you, and
I love how you hold hands.

How can that not melt the ❤️
I understand that it made YOU
teary of Happiness.

You are a true Hero to your kids, but ALSO to others ❤️ me included.

Thank you for sharing and I think this is an amazing idea for a contest 😉👍

I might join in or I send you
some hive to add in.
Stay YOU ❤️❤️❤️

I love you. I promise I will always stay me. My oldest boy has always been the sentimental type. I think he may even be an empath but we've never really tested it in the recent years.


Ah man thanks for the link to my #thoughtfuldailypost Pimp daddy!

I will throw 10 Hive at this contest to support you and the good content creators! Sending it to you right now.

Rock on man! Will add it up there!

OK, adding 50 LEO to the prize pool to be divided (or not) as you please. I'm gettin teary-eyed just thinking of what memories those photos might bring up for me.
Cool contest my man, me likey.

Awesome, thank you man and I look forward to seeing what pops from your memories 😎

Alrighty. This is gonna be interesting. Yep about ten years ago is right I think. Can’t wait to see what my first five pictures were. I’m in, gotta find my thumb drive my first phone was an android not an iPhone so i have to find the memory card for this.

Supersweet, look forward to seeing them too! I've never even owned an iPhone man, I got hung up on macs when they were still computers and never really liked them.

The original Mac was hard. But they are the easiest to keep from getting spammed. I’ll find the card and post the pics.

Heard as much, am familiar with them and just had to sync an Apple watch to an iPhone. Just not my teacup is all. Think my first android was an LG something. From there, I was on a Blackberry for a minute then went to the Samsungs for many years. Still like them, trying out the new LGs now. Borderline note but not as big. Has a cool pen thingy tho.

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All good pics, but that first one is stunning!

Thanks hun! I have to say, my photographer's eye has gotten much better and in that same spot now? I know I could do better.

Pimped and Shared in contest room in the terminal😉

This is a great idea brother. I'll send you some !LUV dipped in @tipu curate

Excellent memories, the first photo is awesome. Your dog has been a good companion, how old is he?

She turns 12 this year! She has a pretty white beard and mustache now 😁

She is of a certain age now, I had a dog that stayed with us for more than 15 years.

Yes, I try to keep her active. We live in the country so she stays running around.

That is very good for them, regards bro, take care of yourself!

Do my best, thank you. 😎

🤔 just went through old pics in my folders because of the anniversary of a sad event tomorrow. Went down the memory lane for sure looking at all of them.
Would some of them be still eligible for joining in even though they are not in da cloud? Just making sure lol. Somehow this week I seem to be drawn to photography contests 😄 .

Either way, dwelling in memories is nice, no matter the reason why we do so.

Wenzday? For sure? Best name 😂

I am keen to sad events as well. You ever see that movie called 'Inside Out'? I think it is directed toward pre-teens, but it is animated and very well describes emotions and how sad ones lead to good ones and visa vi.


I have seen the movie. Good one 🙂.

You know what, since we have a storm going on, which means my TV is down the whole daylittle cry here I am going to pick 5 old pics that had me thinking yesterday and join your little contest. If you don't mind. Ummm the community it will be posted in doesn't matter right?

No, as long as you have the #memorylane tag so I can find it 😎

Great memories, I love to enjoy my old photos, from each album. @enginewitty

Let's see if we can get some memories out here lol.
You are always bringing juicy contests. I hope I don't miss this one.

Thanks hun! You have a week to pull out the old ones😎

Great idea for a contest, man👍
I quite enjoyed your stories too but something tells me I would have enjoyed it better if you shared some of those ass and titties you said you'd snapped.

Bwahahahaaa! Promised those were for my eyes only so, I am a man of my word and integrity. 😁

Hehehe. Oh well, I totally understand.
But now something is telling me something else again, it is saying you shouldn't have tempted us by mentioning it in the post 😪

Have you met me?

Hahahaha 🤣🤣

😂 Hahahaha... OMG you crack me up




What a lovely idea for a contest!

Why thank you, hope people join in 😎

Hey there @enginewitty how are you? Long time no see!!! I love the photo of your sons sand drawing - pulled at the heart strings a little and put a smile on my face :)

Holy cows, how are ya? Ah yes, one of my all time favs. Going to get it blown up and put on the wall or send it to him one of these days.

I'm great thanks!!! Been gone awhile now but I'm back!!! That's such a cool idea - preserve that memory!!!

Mos def man.

Ihope i can join the contest love to share my old photos , though iam not a photographer .

Neither am I! But I do like to take photos 😁

Can I participate by posting my photos taken by Mobile instead of Google account or iCloud?

Sure! Find the oldest 5 you have😀

Thank you.. :)

Sure! Hope to see your post 😃

Thank you so much. I will post my photos very soon... :)

Hey, hey, que buena idea, voy a ver mi álbum de fotos, espera ¿tiene ganas de llover? Ah, no, son lágrimas, me apunto.

I love it! They say that to remember is to live and I agree. I love going back to my old photos, now I'm excited to find out what were the first 5 I saved in Google Photos and write about them. Thank you so much for the initiative.

¡Me encanta! Dicen por ahí que recordar es vivir y estoy de acuerdo. Me gusta mucho volver a mis fotos antiguas, ahora estoy emocionada de descubrir cuáles fueron las primeras 5 que guarde en Google Fotos y escribir sobre ellas. Muchas gracias por la iniciativa.

This is such an interesting contest and I just finished my own now. I hope you would like reading through.

Def going to check it out😎

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