Journey Concert Last Night - Fun Times!

My wife @athompsoncpa and I went to a great concert last night. Journey!!! The Don't Stop Believing tour stopped at the Nugget casino in Sparks down the hill from us near Reno, Nevada. They put on a fun show, the sound quality was excellent, and my wife and I thought it was money well spent. (Although we did end up loosing a few bucks in the casino after the show...)

Here's some photos of the concert, shot with my Samsung Galaxy S22+ cell phone. A bit of touch up work was done to the images in Adobe Photoshop. But I am pretty happy with how the phone handled the difficult lighting.








Yup, we were happy with the show! I hope you all are having great weekend too.

Scott Thompson



Looks like an awesome show. Outdoor show. The bay areas own 👍

Yeah, we got lucky with the smoke. Sparks was bad in the morning but then it cleared up in the evening so outdoors was nice.

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