Last Night's Donner Lake Sunset

Tonight's sunset was beautiful, but I was out sitting along the shoreline of Donner Lake, sipping tea, with no camera on me...

Last night's sunset was also beautiful! And I had gone up to the Donner Summit area for some photo fun. After I had dinner, I looked outside and determined that the clouds looked like we might actually get some nice color looking to the east, instead of just to the west. So I headed up to get a view of Rainbow Bridge, Donner Lake, and the town of Truckee, California. I live near the far end of the lake in the photo below, so it's not a very far drive to this vista location.

Fortunately, I was correct, and the color looking to the east was indeed incredible! The purples and pinks were very nice to see, and fun to shoot. I'm still not sure though which photo I like better. The horizontal, or the vertical with Rainbow Bridge in the frame. Which one do you like better?


Both of these were shot with a Canon 5DS R and a 24-105mm lens. The camera's ISO was 100, the lens aperture was f/20, and the exposures were a few seconds long. A graduated neutral density filter was used on the front of the lens.

The images are now on my new website, where prints can be purchased and shipped worldwide.


I had some time to kill before the colorful show, so of course I had to take a few selfies... lol.


Thanks for looking and I hope you are all having a great day/evening!!!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography



The horizontal one looks awesome, would look cool on one of those supper thin tv that act as artwork, I was going to ask where the heck were you taking the pictures until saw the last one, though it was even a drone since look so high, awesome pictures ✌️

Thank you and glad you like those! Yes, it's a great vantage point that does feel a bit like a drone shot. And good point about the tv, a good reminder that I need to update the TV slideshows at an exhibit here in town...

The view in this picture is beautiful, how lucky you are to live close enough to see it and take pictures like this. It's an amazing job you do, thanks for sharing!

I agree! I am incredibly lucky to be living here, indeed. It's not always an easy place to live, but it's the best place to live!

I like the horizontal more I think. More snowcapped mountains which are the star of the shot for me. Great pics both. I suspect the rainbow bridge may be a better seller since I expect your customers want to see the Tahoe landmarks.

Thanks @steven-patrick! And you might be correct, we'll see... Yes, I sell a lot of prints that include Rainbow Bridge in it. A lot of cool history to that bridge.

The sunset over there is really beautiful
I usually wonder how you achieve these lovely pictures
They are too cute

Mother nature puts on the show, I just capture it. It's an incredible area here, I am very lucky to live here.

A very beautiful place, it is a great pleasure to see such a place.

Glad you like seeing that @djbravo!

Beautifull shots

Thank you!

These are really beautiful shots. They are really looking so so beautiful I must confess

Thank you! So much beauty up here, it's hard to go wrong.