Visiting the Sausenburg in South Baden

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Earlier this week I set out for another tour along the Markgräflerland. This time I aimed for the castle ruin Sausenburg, a former fortress on the Sausenberg hill, located at the southern edge of the Black Forrest. The way led past the castle Bürgeln, a well known destination in the region, famous for its impressive panorama view on the Rhine valley. A short detour to this architectural gem was therefore an easy choice.


Like my last tour, also this one started with cows. A whole flock of them was relaxing in the sun at the starting point of my hike.


Nothing escapes the attention of this territory's guardian.


As promised, @creativetruth. The young Ferdinand, happy under the shade of the tree.


He will be a big one when grown up.


The fruit of the rose hip shrivels towards autumn.



These solitary trees always have a very special appeal.


The telecommunication tower on the Blauen at 1161 m above sea level. Built in 1985 and closed to the public. It was planned to be 120 m high, but after protests it was reduced to 96 m. As befits a good location for a radio mast, it can't be overseen within a radius of a good 20 km.


Bürgeln Castle, built in 1762, is today in public possession and serves primarily as a venue for conferences and concerts. In normal times I should say. No soul around today.


To give you an impression of the view one can enjoy from up here, I have recycled the following two pictures that I took during a previous visit when the weather was more favorable:

At some days one can see all the way to the Alps.


The southern foothills of the Black Forest rise behind the castle's backyards.


Between the trees, the view opens up to today's destination, the castle ruin of Sausenburg.



Getting closer.


Arriving in the former courtyard.


The densely overgrown castel keep. Look at the shoots that protrude from under the top of the tower! At first I didn't notice anything special, but my zoom lens revealed a little surprise.


Some time ago, it must have blown an apple seed into the dense vegetation of the tower wall. It apparently found enough hold and nutrients to be able to sprout. Or was it deliberately planted there? The ascent to the tower was unfortunately locked, so I could not find out.


Zooming in.


I wish I could grab one.


The shadows grow longer. Time to head back.


The late afternoon sun is setting over the Markgräflerland. Looks like the Shire to me.

I hope you enjoyed my second photographic excursion along South Baden. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

All photos recorded by myself with a Canon EOS 7D. All rights reserved.


I did enjoy your photographic excursion along South Baden. Some of the views and scenes are very familiar to me as the landscape in certain regions here in the Czech Republic is almost identical :) Beautiful photo collection @shaka

I imagine it would be a great experience to write a poem sitting under that lone tree. & You need a stick @shaka to pluck that apple😀

It would be an amazing experience to explore the inside castle I guess 😀

I enjoyed touring with you 😊

Beautiful countryside. Everything so peaceful with only nature and the animals. The tower with the apple tree sprouting near the top was a great catch.

Bürgeln Castle is well kept and I love the stone fences around it.

I was looking for Bilbo Baggins at the Shire but he must be snugged into his little home on the hillside. 😁

Thanks for sharing your tour of a lovely area of Germany, Shaka.😊

Heute ist der Tag der schönen Bilderposts auf Hive. Du hast ja gleich eine ganze Menge davon im Angebot. Tolle Tour, schöner Post.

Looks familiar but somehow from a different era, lol. Visited something like that in 2019 and gave me a strange and beautiful feeling at the same time!

Na da sehe ich doch schon ganz hervorragende Motive, für die kommenden #LMAC Challenges.
Dir noch schöne Ferien, Grüße und bis bald. 😎

Interesting place, and interesting pictures. I like the creepers growing on the tower.

Such is the atmospheric theme of the photographs 😍

Quite the magical land. Everything is so picturesque.

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I love little Ferdinand, and the apple tree bearing fruit on the tower is quite amazing!! I also love that old castle!!

A spectacular photo gallery. Wonderful shots of young "Ferdinand", and the watchful guardian. But the last That brought me back. It could have been taken in my home town of upper New York State. The shadows, the shades of green and suggestion of orange. It's an amazing image.

Amazing photography of this peaceful place!

Hey!! Its beautiful and peaceful place, great shots :)) thanks for sharing 😍

Wonderful photos of beautiful nature!
It turned out to be a good photo tour!

This is my first time seeing white cows :-)