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RE: Memory Lane😌 - A Photography Contest?

Alrighty. This is gonna be interesting. Yep about ten years ago is right I think. Can’t wait to see what my first five pictures were. I’m in, gotta find my thumb drive my first phone was an android not an iPhone so i have to find the memory card for this.


Supersweet, look forward to seeing them too! I've never even owned an iPhone man, I got hung up on macs when they were still computers and never really liked them.

The original Mac was hard. But they are the easiest to keep from getting spammed. I’ll find the card and post the pics.

Heard as much, am familiar with them and just had to sync an Apple watch to an iPhone. Just not my teacup is all. Think my first android was an LG something. From there, I was on a Blackberry for a minute then went to the Samsungs for many years. Still like them, trying out the new LGs now. Borderline note but not as big. Has a cool pen thingy tho.