Seeing Live Music In Denver 🎵 (Dirtwire & Balkan Bump)

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For my first post of 2023, I am sharing some photos I took at a recent concert in Denver, CO at the Ogden Theatre. I got an impromptu invite from a dear friend to hit a concert the other week. I didn’t know the bands, but I am glad I went. The permeating genre of the concert was electronic, but each group had their own flavor.

Photos were taken with my S22 Ultra. 📸


Dirtwire was the main performance of the night and they put on a fantastic show. Their music was an intriguing blend of folk, americana, and electronic music. A couple songs even had some Native American influences / sounds. They included drums, guitars, jaw harps, and even custom made instruments out of PVC (one was kind of like a flute) that they used over top of their electronic soundtracks. Dirtwire was easily my favorite performance of the night.

Dirtwire on Youtube:

Balkan Bump

Balkan Bump was the other main showing of the night. The leader played his trumpet while electronic music played in the background. There were two other musicians who joined, playing a clarinet and an oud (a Persian short-neck stringed instrument ). A sitar was also used for a song. Their songs had a cool Arabian feel.

Balkan Bump on YouTube:


The opening act was called Bloomurian. I didn’t get any pictures of his performance, but it was quite interesting. On his soundcloud he describes his music as “Multidimensional frequencies to cultivate a blossoming heart, mind, body & soul, and pollinate a polyphonic paradigm.”
This is his soundcloud link:

What live music have you seen lately?

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Live shows are where it's at, sounds like an eclectic band and looks like a good crowd :)

Exactly! The crowd was great, everyone was toking except me cause I'm doing sober January. 🤣

 10 months ago (edited) 

These are some cool shots! I really like that song Rabat you added at the end. Sounds super cool. I will have to check these bands out a bit more! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it 👍