Zakrzówek 2007-2008


Zalew Zakrzówek jest sztucznym zbiornikiem wodnym, który powstał w 1992 roku poprzez zalanie kamieniołomu wapienia. Położony jest w obrębie miasta Krakowa - dawniej była to wieś Zakrzówek. Fotografie pochodzą z lat 2007-2008, gdy mieszkałem w Krakowie.

Zalew Zakrzówek is an artificial water reservoir, created in 1992 by flooding a limestone quarry. It is located within the city of Krakow - formerly it was the village of Zakrzówek. The photos come from 2007-2008, when I lived in Krakow.














All photographs © Stafhalr 2007-2008


Beautiful place. One of my favorite in Krakow. But it looks very different now after the reconstrucion...

@tipu curate

Thank you. I haven't been there since 2008 and I don't even know what Zakrzówek looks like nowadays. I must go there again (with a camera :D ) when I visit Krakow again :)

Here is what it looked like one year ago...

I guess now it looks even more different as more buildings and facilities were built on the water and on the shores. I hope to visit Krakow soon again. I love the city :)

Malownicze miejsce, piękne zdjęcia.

Dzięki :)

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