Yesterday blackout

Blackout is a funny word. Meaning "black is out" or "coming back to your true self, out of the black"? If everything is not working, you can't consume, can't do things you like to do, it's truly a kind of meditation.

In Uganda blackouts are normal things. Often over the day. Workers are on the line. Every bigger thunderstorm you have blackout. Often thunderstorms coming from big Lake Victoria are strong.

Blackouts in the evening are the scary waiting game. Atmosphere like Christmas in Europe. Yesterday blackout I took some photos. Artist attitude.

Eating boy. So long you have food in Africa everybody is happy.

Little sprites. Jumping mostly during blackout around.

You can even ride bicycle.

In Malawi it's even better. You can have blackouts for days. Other words you have electricity for few hours a week. Tourists get nervous because of their communication neurosis. But after some days you're ok. You see you didn't miss anything in this world. Malawi is not a bad place. In Uganga electric power is coming back within the night. You wake up and have to make the lights off.


This poweer blackout is common in venezuela too, but we are all used to it

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