Walk Around The Beautiful Beach During The Day | NUSA DUA - BALI

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Walk Around The Beautiful Beach During The Day

The beauty of nature reflects the beauty of the country and its people. Nature is a symbol that God is the best creator. Every swish of the wind and roar of the waves makes you want to explore deeper and think that this view is the best. Welcome to the beauty of one of the beaches on the island of Bali, Indonesia.



Let's explore the Coast of Nusa Dua, Bali Island, Indonesia

Before Covid, I went to Bali and stayed there for a few days. I went around the beach and also other tourist attractions. As we all know, Bali has beautiful beaches. One of them is Nusa Dua Beach. I went there on the second day, riding a motorbike and relying on Google Maps, I arrived at the location after a long journey.

The first thing I saw was a long corridor with flower decorations on each left and right side. When I entered, a gust of wind hit my face and body, very cool and peaceful. The corridor is about 100 meters long. And after leaving the corridor, I was surprised by the beautiful view in front of me, the vast expanse of sea and the white sand beach that dazzled my eyes. Wow, this is like heaven.





I immediately captured it by taking photos and recording videos with my cellphone, I wouldn't miss it. While walking I explored every corner around the beach. Many restaurants provide delicious food right in front of the beach. Seafood is the food they serve and is a mainstay on the menu. But unfortunately I didn't stop by because before leaving I had eaten at the hotel.







I continued walking to explore every corner of the beach, and there were parks around the beach. They also rent bicycles.







And this is one of the beaches that has big waves, this beach is often called Air Blow. Because the waves are very high and phenomenal. This Air Blow is so famous that tourists all over the world are curious and visit it.






Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you like my writing and photography. Do you like beach trips? Or do you prefer to go to the mountains? I like both of them. How about you? Write in the comments, okay?! Don't forget to support me by upvoting and reblog.

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