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A few years ago, my husband and I discovered a common passion - photography. Or let's put it this way, I was the one who inspired him about this hobby and after we bought a camera we started actively taking pictures, but nothing specific, when we had a good idea or what we saw looked great we took pictures, and over time the computer was full of pictures.

We were more and more interested and over time started to learn how to take pictures correctly, what to photograph, and how to edit pictures, i.e. everything that goes along with it. And then one summer day my husband took the first picture of a storm cell, and when I saw that photo I was so excited that I wanted more pictures like this. We searched online how to properly photograph storms without endangering our own lives, but this is not an easy sport. When I first published a picture of the storm, we were contacted by a gentleman who has been chasing storms for several years and knows exactly how to find a storm and where to stand. One day he called us that he had spotted a storm approaching Graz, and if we wanted to come along he could show us how the entire storm chase works. And that was the point of no return. When we caught our first lightning, I felt such joy that cannot be described. Thus began storm chasing.

When everyone was complaining that a storm was coming, we both impatiently and happily waited to go hunting. People looked at us strangely why are we looking forward to it so much, if in the summer everyone wants warm weather. Yes, but what good is this hot weather if it's not appropriate to move outside because it's too hot and you'd rather lie at home under the air conditioner. We took quite a few great pictures and during this time we also impressed two friends who sometimes went on the chase with us.

This moment when you’re looking at the radar and see that a storm cell is going to be near you anytime soon now, and after you see it, you stop the car, prepare your equipment, and action. Of course, it was quite tiring many times, especially when you tried to escape from her and get in front of her. These are road fights. Since I was mostly the driver so that my husband could follow the radar, I was scared quite a few times because of the fast driving and the approaching rain. But it's all worth it in the end. And to add - I'm driving, but always very careful no matter what.

Unfortunately, this year was not meant for us. Most of the time when the storms were approaching, we were either working or busy, and the cell had already fallen apart. This year I especially remember that we saw a storm on the radar and excitedly set off, after an hour of waiting the cell fell apart, and a new one appeared on the radar, right near our home. Since we were about an hour away, we still hoped to catch her. Unfortunately, no. When we arrived home, there was destruction everywhere. Downed trees, a destroyed roof, and a frightened neighbor. We haven't had a storm like this near our home in several years, and we missed it. This year has not been our year for good storm cells photos, but we did catch a few lightning, in fact, we caught quite a few from our apartment window, at least that.

I know that storms can be very dangerous, especially when the hail comes along, and this year it destroyed quite a few crops and houses. There is devastation all over the world due to bad weather and a lot of people have lost their homes, and I don't want this to happen to anyone.

But since you can't do anything against nature, at least we tried to make something good out of it. Pictures.

Let's see what we managed to capture in the lens this year.





















“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.” ― Vivian Greene

Summer 2023 be ready, we are already waiting.

With love, @tinabrezpike ❤️


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You are so brave to take a picture of stormy. If it's me, when the light split the sky, I must have been hiding in a safe place cause I am afraid of the sound of lightning. But I have to praise your beautiful pictures.

Thank you, would never have thought that I would ever do this, I was always afraid, but now when I hear the sound of lightning oh wow, I'm so excited 😂

What a fun hobby to share with someone you love! Sounds like fate that you missed that storm you chased. You might have gotten hurt had you been by the cell near your home.

Amazing shots!

Thank you 😊 It's really fun doing this together, we're never bored in the summer. 😂 I hope we can make it to the USA someday, because the storms there are really amazing.

Yes, I hear that the midwest and prairie country and the wildest! I actually thought this was where you were getting photos. What part of the world are you in?

Where I am we mostly just get six months of drizzle. A little wind now and then. Maybe one lightning strike every two years, lol.

I live in Austria, but some pictures were also taken in Slovenia, storms start here in May and last until September :) I can't imagine living in an area where there are no storms 😯

Well, to be fair, we do get ice storms every couple years. But you can't really go out and enjoy them without slipping and falling and cracking your head open. They look super neat, though. Here's an ice sheath I pulled off a leaf from a storm a couple winters ago. Everything was melting and it was actually really dangerous to walk under the trees because the giant falling ice chunks could cut you up pretty badly. So, pretty exciting. And freaky.


wow, I'm stunned, this is crazy and really dangerous 😯 but perfect for photos. We haven't had such severe winters for several years now, a few years ago we could still build igloos and there was so much snow all winter, but not anymore. But we have severe summer storms, that hasn’t changed.

Hello my friend @tinabrezpike. That you say that it has not been your best year in capturing images, wowww to me they seem really wonderful, what a spectacle of photographs although it is unfortunate what these storms cause. Congratulations for what you bring us. But as you yourselves know it is very dangerous, so take care of yourselves. Blessings...✨

Thank you so much. I think last year was better, but still, there were quite a few stormy moments and luckily some pictures from this year are already hanging on the wall. ☺️Next year we have to spend a little more time at sea and hope for the best☺️

Hi this is amazing photography ❤️

Thank u ☺️

My goodness! I don't know if I can also take some photos while watching the lightning storm. You are so brave!!

Thank you 😊 If you follow the radar exactly and you know where the cell is, is safe because you can retreat to safety before the cell reaches you, but the weather is unpredictable and can change quickly.

Woah, good to know that you are an expert on this thing. But keep safe always oki?

Once I cought it in a jar. Great work!

Really? Awesome idea! Thank you 😊

A wonderful going and great shots! I love watching cloud formations but never thought about chasing them.

Thank you 😊 I didn't think I would ever do this either, but after the first pictures it was almost impossible not to 😂

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Amazing captures!

Thank u ☺️

Muy buenas capturas, están súper geniales…

Gracias ☺️

This looks so powerful, I wouldn't have had the guts to lift a finger during a storm, let alone taking shots in the storm.

I remember having this belief that lightenings which occur during storms do not like seeing smaller lights around, so I switch off most appliances that has to do with light reflection each time there is a storm and squeeze myself into a corner, I even go as far as avoiding my phone,let alone handling a camera.

you're a strong and an amazing personality for having the boldness of taking photographs of one my most scary moments.

Nice photographs you've got there. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much😊 It was already quite tense a few times because the storm was approaching too quickly and we had nowhere to retreat to safety, and we could only hope that there would be some kind of roof nearby. The best thing is to always be in front of the cell and not let it get too close to you. It's never boring 😅

Awesome photos!! The lightning and the storm cell ones are my favorite 👍

Thank you ☺️

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