A Happy Kine

Good Tuesday, everyone!

Today I'm sharing with you a few photos for the #treetuesday initiative by @old-guy-photos, even though there are more animals than trees on these shots...

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It was a hot and sunny day in the province A Coruña, in Spain. The lunch time was near and the animals were hungry, so the farmer accompanied them until their feeding site.

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To make sure the excursion would go well and no cow would get lost, a couple of black dogs were hired to serve as bodyguards. 😆

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The little dogs had no fear of these huge animals and stuck really close to them, making sure they would stay in the road.

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With such fine and efficient help, there was very little for the farmer to do. He basically just had to walk with the group while enjoying the view.

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These cows sure had a good life: free water, free food, free lodging, no conflicts, no confusion... all of this just for some daily milk in return.

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I hope you enjoyed these photos! See you next time!

LocationO Vilariño, A Coruña - Spain
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
Photos6 (Edited with GIMP)



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It's really a very good life for the cows,I just imagined if humans too can get the basic needs of life free...lol

That... would... be... perfect.
It is weird that the human race is the only one with such high mental capacities... and yet, many use it for evil. That makes us no better than any other animal.

That little dog has huge confidence but I'm there is an atom of fear in him unless he is being own by the herdsman.

Ahahah, dogs are brave. Sometimes too brave for their own good. Then they regret it! 😂

The cows are well taken care of
Look at how fat they are
They look good

They sure do, thanks for stopping by!

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Do they have like a shed to stay under when it rains?

Yes, of course. Thanks for stopping by!

Yay! 🤗
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Very beautiful cows! This is a meat breed, as I understand it. They have small udders and very large bodies.

These cows sure had a good life: free water, free food, free lodging, no conflicts, no confusion... all of this just for some daily milk in return.

They will pay for their well-fed life with their death, and not with a daily dose of milk.

No, this is a region known for cheese. These cows are certainly not for being eaten.

The cows in this picture look very fat and I'm sure the owner is always looking for food to give to the cows.

Yeah, luckily for him, cow food is all over the ground. No need to buy it! 😂

Yes, friends at my place are like that too. Because there is a lot of empty land and there are lots of plants that can be eaten by cows.

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Nice many cows. Very healthy they always have a good supply of water and food.

Thanks for your visit and comment.

You're welcome🎉

I like this warm summer feeling in this photos 🤗👌👌👌.... these cows are decently maintained, they are clean 👌🤗🍷

Yep, clean and fat! 😆

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Happy healthy cows enjoying being herded by clever dogs to the next field for tastier milk!

Lovely farm style photography on everyday life in a small village.

Thanks a lot, it sure was a nice and quiet place! 😀




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