Do You Have a Room? [PhotoFeed Contest - Cityscape Photography #49]

Good friday, everyone!

This cute looking building is the Pilgrims' Hostel in the small town of Portomarín, in Galicia, Spain. It's a very cheap hostel targeted at the people who are making the Caminho de Santiago (Saint James Way).

Usually these folks just want a bed to stay in, so don't expect any luxuries. At these places price matches the quality... and since it costs just 8€ per night, you can already imagine what you're getting. 😆

Most likely, the best thing of this hostel is the exterior architecture! 😂

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Still, if you just want a bed for a night I guess this will be enough.

This is my entry for the PhotoFeed Contest - Cityscape Photography Round 49.

I hope you enjoyed this shot! Enjoy your weekend!

LocationPortomarín, Galicia - Spain
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
PhotoEdited with GIMP

If you want to join the fun, here's the announcement link:
PhotoFeed Contest - Cityscape Photography Round 49


Since it is just to sleep and wake the next day. No serious conference meeting it is good for that price

Yeah, I suppose so. Thanks for stopping by!

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The building is indeed cute!

It sure is! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi! I sent you a friend request as ragnarsky in discord. I can't get to open my discord app so, i created a new one just to log in😆

This building looks good
It is really nice

Yep, it's a nice building. Thanks for stopping by!

Would be very intersting to see it from the inside! Have a great weekend too :-)

I only saw some reviews online and they were all complaints! 😆

Yay! 🤗
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I wished that you've said this was an amazing hostel super cheap and comfortable. Unfortunately that was not the story :( the outside looks nice!!

Aahhahahahah! There are good places and there are cheap places. Both at the same time is very difficult!

The building of the hotel is decent but the facilities seems less.

For that price, you can't be too demanding. 😀

Only 8 euros the night... I imagine the mattress 😀
Have a great weekend

Indeed, it's best not to use a UV light in there if you want to sleep. 😆