Climb up Monkey's Hill to watch the Sunset • Video + Photos

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Hi Photography Lovers community,

You know that us photographers do anything for a good shot. So, why not climb a 200m Hill to watch the Sunset and capture some photos.

I was told that Monkey's Hill have the best sunset of Bombinhas region. So I didn't missed the opportunity to visit it. In fact, i visited it twice, since the first try was very cloudy and was not able to see a good sunset.

Invite you all to watch the video and have the feeling to ascend Morro dos Macacos and check if it's or not a good sunset spot with me.

Morro dos Macacos is Located in Canto Grande, Bombinhas region, on the south coast of Brazil, a place that was very special on this trip.

The climb is tough, 200m in 1km up the trail, but totally worth the view.

Was a full Moon that day, so watching the Sunset on Moon's company was magical.

If you want to find out more about this place, check out my last post: @vaipraonde/morro-dos-macacos-best-sunset-of-the-world-lets-find-out

Video Highlights

1:00 Conceição Lookout
1:44 Sunset starting
2:13 Church bell rings
2:41 Sunset and Moon

Sunset Photoshoot


Video Music by DUBDOGZ -

My last post


Hope you like it.
See you soon.

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🥦 !PIZZA 🥦

Nice view and photographs

Glad that you liked 🤩

Just finished watching the video, the views are amazing!

Very glad to know you watch and like it.
Tks a lot for your support.

You're welcome (^_^)

Nice View 💜
Um espetáculo


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