Rising Star Giveaway - win 1500 STARBITS (Daily)

Cursephantom's daily giveaway until you bored

This giveaway is sponsored by STARBITS Millionaire mission 😂

The magical word for yesterday was "Updates"

Let's see the eligible participant:

  1. @c3r34lk1ll3r
  2. @yeckingo1
  3. @rentaw03
  4. @rayius
  5. @btcsam
  6. @plint
  7. @technocrypton
  8. @new.things
  9. @danimv13
  10. @thatcryptodave
  11. @andy-plays
  12. @tertius
  13. @hhayweaver
  14. @sp3ktraline
  15. @tokutaro22
  16. @rachaeldwatson
  17. @amaillo
  18. @blitzzzz
  19. @smokrthou
  20. @lokywolf2295
  21. @zero-exp
  22. @bacon-dub
  23. @marcinxyz
  24. @dubble
  25. @sinaida
    *ordered by time comments

25 participants for yesterday and go for it Avrae~

And the winner is...

Congratulations! Number 8 (@new.things) you get 1000 STARBITS🎉 and number 3 (@rentaw03) you get 500 STARBITS

Let's continue with today's giveaway~

1000 starbits for the first winner and 500 starbits for the second winner.

The magical word for today is "Auto"
*You just need to comment in this post with the magical word to be an eligible participant. Upvote/Comment = You're an eligible participant.

Time to automatic all of things 🤔 I just realize, I can do 3 tasks at the same time with the auto feature. Don't worry it's legal as it's a feature in-game like MIR4 and Bombcrypto.

I think I must check the combination of my multi-tasking. So, I can make my time as efficient as possible. Towards resolution "Fix my sleep time"! Still can't achieve it as sometimes my big brother is so late to eat = I'm cleaning all of the food becomes late too, sometimes my mom asks me to do many things even making me can't work that day = work at night, and sometimes my grandmother asks me to do "heavy" work but it just takes around 1-2 hours.

Let's automatic life begin!

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Thanks for the starbits! count me in again. :)


Auto @new.things and thanks as I won😀

yw~ congrats :3

Very cool! Congrats to both of you. 😀

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Auto, my work does not do well being automated, as I am a teacher..
Would like to join again! @plint

You're in~ Go for it as you're the people who will give the next generation their future 💪

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Felicitaciones a los ganadores del sorteo. Gracias por ayudar a la comunidad con estos eventos. Y yo quiero seguir participando por favor @lokywolf2295




¡@cursephantom! Te he enviado un trozo de $PIZZA de parte de @lokywolf2295.

Más información sobre la ficha de $PIZZA at hive.pizza (1/5)

Auto :D

@dubble(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Ty for the LUV 🤗


Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

Welcome~ Almost not see you as you have a same profile picture with tokutaro22 XD

Auto, how about an auto-win?

😁 An auto win is a fun breaker for party😅 Surprise token to the wallet by winning is better 👍

OwO almost 30 again~ Hope someone will join around 10 hours again 👍time to sleep after last check~

Last before roll~

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