🎁 14,000 STARBITS Giveaway! 🌟 Childseeker's War Contest #1

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I'm publishing a serial fantasy novel in the growing Scholar and Scribe community! To celebrate and promote it: generous weekly(ish) giveaways.



This week, seven lucky winners will receive 2,000 STARBITS each.

If you win, you can earn up to three spins on the 🎡 Bonus Prize Wheel! 🎡 This week's bonus wheel includes:

  • 5 SCHOLAR tokens 5% chance
  • 10% prize boost (this prize stacks!) 5%
  • 1 Hive SBI 11%
  • 5% beneficiary on the next contest post 11%
  • 3 SCHOLAR tokens 11%
  • 10 PIZZA tokens 11%
  • 2 SCHOLAR tokens 22%
  • 1 SCHOLAR token 22%



To enter, simply leave a comment in this post that quotes your favourite line from The Childseeker's War. This can be from any of the parts!


▶️ Here's a link to the start of the story.

📜 Here's a link to a list of all the story parts.

🔮 Here's a link to a the story's glossary.


🎡 How to get Bonus Wheel spins 🎡

Each of these conditions or actions earns you one spin if you win the main draw (prizes stack).

  1. 📚 Be on The Childseeker's War readlist.
  2. ✒️ Be a member of the Scholar and Scribe community on Hive.
  3. 📣 Share any related The Childseeker's War content (including this giveaway) on non-Hive social media, and comment with a link to your social media post. Free spin (no other winning required) for the first person to do this! (Claimed by: @kemmyb)


Rules and other things

  • Upvotes / reblogs on this post or the story posts are appreciated, but not necessary for entry. Note: The Scholar and Scribe community account will receive 25% beneficiary from this post's payout!
  • Only one entry per account per giveaway
  • Deadline to enter = payout of this post
  • Seven winners will be chosen by random draw.
  • Winners will be announced in the next giveaway post
  • To claim a prize, you will need to respond to the winner announcement post
  • If you claim a free bonus wheel spin and land on the 10% booster prize, I'll spin again and apply the 10% bonus 😉
  • You can see the loose schedule for future giveaways in my story index post. Generally, they will occur weekly until the story's finished.
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📚 Get on (or off) the readlist by asking in the comments
🔮 Story glossary (Updates as parts get published)
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Thank you for reading and participating! I own the license for all images in this post. Original cover art by jmz_creative. Follow me or the #childseekerswar tag so you don't miss new parts! I can also @ tag folks to alert you, just ask in the comments to join the readlist.


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Awesome! I love giveaways. I'm not always lucky when it comes to wheel spins and draws, hehe, fingers crossed. I tweeted this post on Twitter.

My favourite line from Part 1-

“Routine checkup,” she said, keeping her twinkling eyes on Frix. “You know, for the seedling.”

“Seedling? This is my seventh raid, I’ll have you know.”

“This is no ordinary raid, Frix of Bit. Run it by me.”

She could go from lithe and sexy to a whip cracking commander in a heartbeat, he had learned.

Awesome! I love giveaways.

There will be LOTS this time around. At least a dozen, probably more like 18?

I tweeted this post on Twitter.

Amazing! I see that @poshtoken picked up the tweet—perfect. I find it doesn't always "work" but that's likely me failing to understand it haha.

One time ping to all folks who entered the Starlight Spectre contest: if you enjoyed the chance to partake in some 'read-to-earn' style giveaways, this novel's contests will follow a similar structure. Also, yesterday I sent everyone their SCHOLAR for holding ballots—your HE wallet should reflect the transfers 😊

There will be no (planned) Grand Prize ballot system this time around, but instead a "Bonus Wheel" mechanic that happens every giveaway. Also, way more giveaways in general.

If you have a suggestion for a tokenized community that would welcome these giveaways, please let me know! I've stuck to the ones I know, but would welcome trying others.

cc: @JoniMarqu @candnpg @agreste @thinkrdotexe @twicejoy @lipe100dedos @henruc @thaddeusprime @relf87 @jmis101 @emrysjobber @amaillo @tertius @emaxisonline @h3m4n7 @yeckingo1 @blitzzzz @indiebandguru @mryoung1979 @luizeba @elokin @pero82 @allonyx.ngs @susurrodmisterio @floki-skarsgaard @maakue @elfino28 @leemah1 @ifarmgirl @wrestlingdesires @oople @hatdogsensei @criptosectadepit @yasky @cachitooo @failingforwards @casimirio @jmehta @pix21 @dayron101184 @amaillo-m @loboguara @ivanov007 @nfteam0173 @wlffreitas @manlikestan @eollarvesm @lumpiadobo
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That's awesome and thanks for the token

cool :) Thanks for the infos

This is so cool, thank you so much :)

You're welcome!

Also, just making sure that you checked the winner's list in this post... pretty sure you're on it for something big 😁

The wheel system is quite popular here, but it has a disadvantage of selecting repetitive winners, suppose if I win today chances are I'll win tomorrow, so the other players feel bad about their luck / probability to win a prize, and slowly avoid contest and show lack of interest in reading the content also.

You can also eliminate the winner from next draw in order pick another winner, a ruleset to be created.

Thanks for lovely Scholar tokens.

I always give the wheel a healthy shuffle between draws... but I suppose a "can't win twice in a row" rule might be interesting. That would deter 7 winners from entering on the next cycle though. Always a balancing act! 🤔

I'm hoping some of the stuff that Scholar and Scribe does with PageDAO will create some interesting dApps and tech to further refine the 'read-to-win' or 'read-to-earn' space.

If you have a suggestion for a tokenized community that would welcome these giveaways, please let me know! I've stuck to the ones I know, but would welcome trying others.

If you just add the vyb and proofofbrain tags you will earn well while still posting to your favorite communities.

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So many tags and only 10 slots, sadly!

Would the VYB/POB community allow a contest post to be hosted there? With VYB/POB as the main prize? I am looking to expand beyond the few communities I did for Starlight!


“Ah, violence and destruction. The Tel’s true passion comes to light,” Mossalea said, and held out her hand. Frix tossed the pouch back.

count me in



Hey Jordy! I believe I'm already on the watchlist, but just in case, opt me in!

My favorite line so far is the the description of witchcraft. Really that whole scene was tense as all hell, had me on the edge of my seat reading it! But this part:

“Cau—whoah.” She looked right at Frix. And for the first time in his life, he felt witchcraft itself pour all over him like a scratchy, sick cloud.

Woof, I could almost FEEL it myself. The description was on point, and sucked me in! So well done. There's my entry, best of luck to everyone! !PIZZA !LUV !HBIT

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Excited to see the new novel getting started. Please add me to the read list.

Here's my favorite quote so far.

“If you’re volunteering to take sentry, I’ll be happy to trade,” said Frix.

Thanks for starting up another series.

"Then his lungs unlocked and he heaved. The situation re-dawned on him: there was a witch sitting on him."

Enjoying your work bro!

Keep on the good work! @loboguara

Her dark eyes came around and the corner of her lip curled up. It was the same little sidelong grin that had won him over many a season ago.

Very descriptive wording for subtle actions yet paints a great picture in the reader's mind. Well, done.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
My favourite quote: "Ah, violence and destruction. The Tel’s true passion comes to light,” Mossalea said, and held out her hand."

Thanks for the tokens

When Barton was done, Rudy said, “Sure ain’t a scoutmaster’s bedtime ditty, that.”

My favorite line from part 3:

The escort’s light flashed across her face. She was so strange to him, a fascinating creature, like a fish with feathers. Her eyes were so big, and her hair odd and… full. The dress-hood had slipped half away, revealing some kind of shiny red decoration, a band


"Swinn of Tel caught Frix’s eye from over his brother’s shoulder. The boy’s usual explosion of fuzzy brown hair had been fashioned back into a crude ponytail for stealth’s sake. He winked."


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What's a dry orange good for?
Nothing at all. It's juiceless.

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Hi! back to the phrase-seeking arena! It was hard to choose, but I really liked the psychology behind this phrase:

He tumbled in icy darkness, concentrating on being embarrassed so that he might not panic.

See you in the next chapter/part! !PIZZA

Hahah I'm glad to be able to give you a sea of phrases to choose from :)

“Oh, roots ensnare me,” Mossa said, and pulled out her own packet. She tossed it at Frix and he caught it, managing to still the insane urge to yelp. He must’ve looked the part though, because Dreff snorted and shook his head.

Hilarious! Definitely the best paragraph of the chapter 🙌

Another giveaway, count me in

IGN: @leevermoon

“The bridgestone won’t hide you, silly Turner. I’ve made a deal with it. Come out!” said the girl.


This is mine!

“Let’s feed that river,” said Frix.
“Seeds to the wind,” Mossa said.
“May they take root,” they chorused.
“And fulfill their spark,” she finished.

My favourite line "It was the same little sidelong grin that had won him over many a season ago."

Suggests an element of mischeivousness to come

Count me in.
Good luck all!

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“From now on, you are no longer Frix of Bit All-bit-tel, but Frix Ladytackled, the Witchlover.”

Here is mine, thank you for the giveaway! How can I join the readlist?


Love the imagery this invokes "The bridge birthed a dull red light from underneath."

There was a thundering crash and a scream. Junelight flinched backwards. A bodyguard caught her shoulder and her crystals fuzzed, ready to cycle all the way up. But he said, “Wait wait, see, look,” and there were no more screams, no more explosions.

IGN: amaillo
!Gif dancing-8bits

The crackle and pop of the torches thundered over the bumps and thumps of the outside world. It was as if she was daring someone to speak.

That part created a suspense! I loved it!!

This is my favorite part.

“Took your sweet time on that all-clear, Bit,” said Dreff of Tel. His big black hat was strapped to his back, the wide brim a dark halo around his hard, humourless face.