Raves Goes Live on FRIDAY!


It's finally here!

First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us test Raves.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 09.29.04.png

It has taken a lot longer than expected but that is often the case with development isn't it! But this Friday we will switch Raves over to paying rewards in SWAP.HIVE and also subtract the stats of any FA cards you send to raves from missions as was always intended (but was switched off during testing).

Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 16.33.57.png

Tip: The "rave" in the stats popup will be clickable and take you to the current rave.

Raves Reward Pool

As we have mentioned before one thing we learned in the first couple of years of running Rising Star is that any rewards we pay out must be sustainable. What we don't want to do is provide a big payout for Raves only to have to reduce it in the future so there will be a modest reward at the beginning and this will grow over time.

The initial reward pool will be 10 SWAP.HIVE per day PLUS 1 SWAP.HIVE for each of the (up to) three VIPs in the winning rave.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 09.31.10.png


There have been some comments during testing that everyone will just send their FA cards to the winning rave but that is not always the best strategy. As you can see from the results of the rave below "atomcollector" got a larger reward for being in one of the losing raves than "skunk-smoka" did for being in the winning rave with a similar number of remaining fans. This was because even though a much smaller percentage of the reward pool is paid out to the losing raves if there are a lot of different players in the winning rave the rewards are diluted more.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 09.27.00.png

Also we hope that a few of the big guns who hold many "RV1 Police Raid" & "RV2 Hoax Call" cards will get competitive and deploy these cards strategically. It will be fun to see how this plays out but as always we will learn from watching to see if any changes need to be made.

RV1 Police Raid.png

RV2 Hoax Call.png


Obviously the point of testing is to find and fix bugs and identify anything that may or may not be required when going live. As we have now started designing the new "PRO" map, which adds a lot of value to many existing cards in the game via blending, we realised that having the bonus for holding certain cards in raves is not really needed as it was a bit of a "kludge" just to add value to certain cards. In reality we would only have been able to use a small number of cards for this anyway so it would be a bit pointless.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 09.18.00.png

Let's Get Raving!

I hope you are all as excited as us for Friday and we look forward to seeing you at a rave soon!

P.S. There will be a section in the FAQ about Raves in the near future.


Cheers from Jux and the Rising Star team.

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estamos esperando esto saludos!!!

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Testing was interesting. I usually joined the rave that was not winning at the moment I joined. Sometimes that group won anyway. !CTP

Hopefully there will be a lot more of that to make it interesting.

Thank you for helping to test!


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I wanna rave! This sounds like it could be fun and I hope so. After a couple of years, I still feel noobish. Maybe this is what I need to "get into it". :)


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Where can i read more about this new feature - Raves?

que bueno excelente

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This might be a very interesting way to get rid of "too crazy excessive fans moments" =)

And eventually go PARTY on a rave!

I was thinking that earlier but it obviously only works if you have a lot of FA cards.

Yep... eventually some will accumulate just to win raves very quickly... eager for next weekend to see how this goes along broadcasting over the internet.

The Rave will make the game much better, you see that they have thought very well about everything especially with the tests and as it has been proving Risingstargame is a game that is every day more balanced, which has made it much better its economy. I hope to enter the first Rave with awards and make a good publication of that to make some publicity from my humble collaboration. I already want that I arrived this Friday fast, hehe


What do you call a hippo who says something and does the complete opposite?
A hippocrite

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Thank you! And what do you think about Raves? BOOM BOOM!


I don't understand it fully yet, but I do like it! Especially since most of the time I'm on the winning team! 😁

Que buenas noticias, ha prepararse con todo para los raves / What good news, get ready for the raves!



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That will be funny. Can't wait for my first #rave.

A blind man walks into a bar..
..and then a chair and then a table.

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well... thanks for not explaining how this actually works.

Just click the Rave button on the mission page and then pick a team and send your fans cards.

On the 2nd real Rave and so far, so good. Seems to work beautifully. Thanks to the team that makes Rising Star happen. !BBH

@risingstargame! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @fiberfrau. (1/5)