Reward Pool Increase, This Weeks Card Pack Winner & New Cards

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Prize Draw Winner

We had 50 high quality Rising Star posts this week so I drew one winner.

Congratulations to @gulia.peito! Your 3 card pack is now ready to open. Good luck!

To enter next week's draw simply write a good quality post about Rising Star and include the #risingstar tag.

You may enter up to once a day and the prize draw is done live during Radio Evolved every Sunday.

Previous Winners

Week ending 26/4/21 - @thatcryptodave & @atnep111
Week ending 26/4/21 - @globetrottergcc & @atnep111
Week ending 11/4/21 - @globetrottergcc & @atnep111
Week ending 4/4/21 - @irisworld & @atnep111
Week ending 28/3/21 - @atnep111 & @moeenali
Week ending 21/3/21 - @atnep111 & @megarciab
Week ending 14/3/21 - @mindblast.leo & @globetrottergcc
Week ending 28/2/21 - @lealharold & @fdeflash
Week ending 21/2/21 - @mimismartypants & @solymi
Week ending 14/2/21 - @mawit07
Week ending 7/2/21 - @ceheran
Week ending 31/1/21 - @atnep111 & @irisworld
Week ending 24/1/21 - @imfarhad
Week ending 17/1/21 - @jmsansan.hive

STARPRO Weekly Burn


We did our weekly burn of STARPRO that was used to pay for Paula to finish player's missions for them.

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 09.03.25.png

Reward Pool Increase

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 09.04.57.png

Every week we use a formula to decide if we are able to increase the pool or not. This week we are glad to say that we increased the pool to 39 SWAP.HIVE.

The pool will grow in a sustainable way and the more players you can bring to the game the bigger the pool will become so spread the word and why not get some friends to sign up and help them create their Hive account!

New Cards

On the first day of every month we release new cards to replace those that have gone out of print during the previous month. These are now available in packs.

new cards1.png

new cards2.png

new cards3.png

new cards4.png

Cheers and rock on \m/
Jux and the team.


Congratulations to @gulia.peito for winning the pack this time.
I have been trying my luck as well but not lucky enough to yet but I will keep trying.
A stupid question / what is the significance of them reward pool ?

Posted via

Keep trying! Its my first win)

what is the significance of them reward pool ?
I dont know... I do only first steps in game and did not learn all this...

I was drawn to the "peito" thing... so, why "gulia.peito"? any meaning in Ukraine?

Gulia its name of my dog. Peito its just strange nickname our dog) Our dog have a lot of strange nicknames))) No meaning) Sometimes we call our dog with strangers nicknames for fun) For example ours second dog name is Loaf of bread)

That's a lot of parentisis! LOL

Anyhow, thank you for the explanation!


Wow) Thanks for rewards.
Now I have a lot of food))) pizza, wine, beer)))



@gulia.peito! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @forykw.

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hey @gulia.peito, here is a little bit of BEER from @forykw for you. Enjoy it!

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It's nice to see all of the new cards...especially the new commons.
!LUV 1

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Some impressive new cards, I think it is improving the design that was already good. The number of users goes up little by little and the prizes too. I think it is the result of the new initiatives, the game is improving.

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Thank you. Steady progress is the way we like it!

Great to see some new common cards. My collection has been filling up with the older ones, at least we can mix it up now.

Glad you like them!

The tubular bells caption made me laugh! Great to see the community growing.


P.S. Thanks for the !PIZZA (not sure if it can be sent to commenters?)



@steevc! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @risingstargame.

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I wonder how many people will understand it?



@risingstargame! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

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I love new cards! They are well designed. Hope I can get them all!!

@theturtleproject and @nupulse doing an amazing job with the cards don't they!

Keep piling up the good stuff.




@risingstargame! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @mobi72.

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Will do and thanks for the !pizza

Great news. I also love the design of the cards. The Kithara looks really great imho.

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Oh yeah! All good news for #RisingStar fans... I'm liking the card creativity, and I really need to get back in the studio and see what some of these instruments sound like! Keep up the stellar work, guys. :)

@risingstargame HUGE THANKS!!!! My first cardpack!

Congratulations @gulia.peito!


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you have advanced @RisingStarGame a lot, you already burn starpro, you have more users that is good so the cards will have more value, and the ranking too, congratulations.

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Awesome week! I got the gist of the Record staking and now Im a very active promoter!
I still don't have BEER but here you have a...



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