I am loving this game more each day! Go #RisingStar

hi! I am loving the game. i have a few questions though. how are we to access prizes? i have done the Battlegames Friday Gig twice and have not received battle; or if I have I'm unaware of where. Also, I just won a Skillboost1 card but cannot find it anywhere. I previously had this problem with a card I purchased or found(i dont remember) and eventually just gave up trying to find it.

im loving the game, i hope you can respond!

You need to press the blue "Update" button on the cards page to synchronise the Hive chain with the in game database.

With the tokens from the special missions you have to reach the minimum withdrawal then click the "withdraw" button on your account page.

I’m only discovering this now. I assume it’s not 2 late to jump on and play?

The promo looks really good.

Will need to pay for a more professional one at some point but it will do for now.

i like it, cool game

My second day now. Nice game, thank you !

Love it! Very much a reflection of the game.

I want to play :–) how to start?

It's very Adictive

I have a question @risingstargame ,

How might we go about turning
a real life artist into
one of these Rising Star cards?

I nominate @cconn

I hope the game fares well, I'm enjoying the whole idea right now

They give me a letter that is left over, it's that I'm new I'm poor plss my name is endrycelestial

Very good game, really starting to get into this game @risingstargame

looks really good.