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Do you play casual games? Millions (billions?) around the world play various games that require attention now and then through the day. Farmville was probably one of the early successes in this field. These days people expect to play the games on their phone, so they need to be mobile friendly.

Hive has a good range of games to appeal to all tastes. One of my favourites is Rising Star. Of course I was drawn my the music theme of the game. I helped the developer @atomcollector out in his early days here and he has been kind enough to create a card with me on it to show his gratitude.

On the phone

This is the game playing in the browser on my phone. All you need to do that is a private link that they game gives you. You can do most things with it apart from actually spending money as that could work out badly if the wrong person got access. When playing on a computer you can use Hive Keychain.

The idea is to work your way up through the music industry from lowly busker to superstar. Playing requires no musical skills as it is just about running missions that gain you experience and rewards in the form of the Starbits token, which can be traded on Hive Engine. Missions vary between five minutes and several hours, so you can play according to the time you have available. I kick off a long mission before I go to bed each night.

When you start off you will not be making much, but it may be worth buying some card packs or specific cards from the market to speed up your progress. Getting some pizza slices, pizza boxes or coffee cups can help you keep your energy level up as you need it to run missions.

Energy cards

The whiskey bottle helps deal with fan issues.

People cards get you fans and skill. Fans increase your rewards and skill comes into play after a while as having more fans than skill leads to ego problems that reduce the rewards.


Instruments bring you luck which can win you some extra cards and also come into play (literally) when you do lessons to improve your skill. You will need to build up instruments in particular categories to get the maximum skill from a given lesson. This has led to a thriving swapping scene.


There are also vehicles which are required for some missions, but also get you more fans.

A recent addition was instrument crafting. You pay some Starbits to visit a fair where you can find parts to build something. So far that is drums and guitars, but production instruments are due soon. There are 36 different instruments possible in each category and they also count towards lesson skill.


You do need to put some thought into your playing to optimise the outcomes. With the instrument crafting you can gain by creating different instruments as this counts towards your score in the gane leaderboard. Being there can give you a share in a daily pool.


There is active development with new features appearing every month or two. They game is not even a year old and has come a long way. The developer has had to adjust various things to keep it fair and interesting.

Collecting the cards is part of the fun. The designs are great and when you reach a certain point you can form a band where you can pick cards to make a sound you like. Some cards fetch serious money as they are rare and give you an advantage.

I should mention that there is also an in-game radio station where you can hear music from the Hive community.

If you want to start playing then it is totally free. Please use my referral link as I get a little from that.

I have well over a thousand cards now and am willing to give some away to people who need them more. If you join with my link and play some missions then you can have some. I will also consider giving to other people, but I will be checking what cards you already hold. If you need some for a particular lesson then I may have spares. I tend to do the production lessions, so I will keep those cards, but I have lots of microphones and orchestral instruments. You can see what I have here.

@sentipl has been compiling some statistics on the game. The number of players is going up nicely.

So why not play? You can earn some tokens, but you may find it fun too.

Rock on!


Thank you for the kind words Steve. Your help early on was invaluable to me. I don't think this game would have come into existence without it!

Keep on rocking and it's about time you started to submit some of your tracks for the Sunday show!

Jux \m/

I've out one in the channel. Need some fresh ones.

This game really grows into you! I didn't give much to it at first but now I'm completely hooked!

I still have a long way to go but it's been really fun to watch my daily progress. Maybe one day I'll also have my own card made after me! :P

They will need new legendary cards now and then. Get involved with the community and it could be you.

I am going to be buying some more packs here by the end of the week I think. I might have some more stuff to swap with you. We will see if I pull anything good. I am still trying to get my earnings up.

I keep trying to craft more drums, but can't get any rims lately. Luck plays a big part in this game.

I've been spending all of my Starbits on card packs and I haven't been able to do much crafting. I need to be my income up first.

I have a target to save for packs each day and the rest can go on crafting.

I hope to be in a position like that one day as well.

Agreed, what's stopping givers from playing the best game on the blockchain? That's one cool card you have been featured on. I'm sure it's well deserved!

And over 1000 cards! That's is some collection you have! How long did it take to get there? Kind of you to offer new players a boost. I'm not new, new, but have been actively playing for the past month and a half. But happy for ant cards you could throw my way. Currently stacking starbits for the millionare card so have not been buying any packs, so could use a boost in ranking. I also favour production instruments because currently I get the most skill from there. Lol. But also no worries if you feel im not a good fit, I am sure there are more deserving players out there!

Great Post! Reblogged so hopefully we can recruit some new players to the show! Keep rocking dude!

I started playing last July and have played just about every day since then. I have spent a bit on cards, but it's mostly from what I make on Hive anyway. You have to decide how much you want to invest.

The millionaire mission gives me a boost. It may be a while before it is not worth me doing. I know others can make more SB in that time from other missions. Being able to afford at least a pack per day is a nice feeling.

I sent you something to help a little with production lessons. Have fun.

Nice, consistency is key I guess. I'm doing the same. Investing all mg liquid hive into starbits so I can earn that millionaire card. I do think it's a worthy investment. But I think lots of players have the same strat now. As the price keeps fluctuating. But still feel I'm growing fast. Let's see where I get in 6 months.

Awesome! You are too kind dude. Appreciate the boost. A really nice surprise to wake up to. 😆

Now my next question, 6 months in, how much of the game have you unlocked and how much is still a mystery?

I have done all the available missions and got most of the cards. I still want to get the rest, but some are really rare and expensive. I have been lucky to get some legendaries in packs, so they are out there.

So you almost clocked the game as we say! Good thing they adding more features! I really can't wait to start buying packs and stacking cards. I have a "Gotta catch em all" approach as well. Based on the bulk pack openings I have seen, players usually get so many duplicates. I'm keen to experiment and opening packs on different days or time to see the effect. Have you done this.

Sorry for all the questions, you obvs have a wealth of knowledge.😋

There's lots of potential for card trading. I may give out some more some time. Enjoy it.

Cool, you are very advanced in the game.
I've been playing for about a month, doing only small missions, because I didn't have enough fans and when I didn't have the energy. Today I managed to buy Daisy to help me with other missions. I still need many more letters. I am gathering STARBITS to obtain specific cards, as I am not lucky with PACKS.

Have fun with it. I sent you a card to help your progress.


uhullll thank you very much!

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I saw your nickname during the JUX youtube live broadcast last Sunday

Olala, Mr Steevc top 14!
So good man!

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