Radio evolved review sunday funday! October 24

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Sunday Show Playlist:

TheAudible Collective - Run me out
Hive: @theac

Hawkins/Waits [LANG/V Cover] - Whistlin' Past The Graveyard
Hive: @langvmusic

BillyKorg - NuPulse - Space Ark
Hive: @nupulse

Laura Brehm and Shani Ace Remix - For No One
Hive: @shani-ace

Black eye butterfly - I Write A Story On A Cardboard Box
Hive: @ivanc

Gribbles and stick up boys - Beach (Evolved)
Hive: @gribbles @stickupboys @stickupmusic

Last Ravage Opinion - Fly
Hive: @lastravage

Nakedverse - The Heat is On (Instrumental Version)
Hive: @nakedverse

If you want to see the complete show I will leave you the link to the radio show last Sunday, I will also leave you the link to the discord if you want to know more about the musicians and interact with them. I send you a hug and have a happy week.


Nice one as ever !PIZZA

Thanks man I appreciate it :)

Super cool and halloweenie :) Awesome as always !!

Thanks so much :)

It was another great episode!! I love the montage of songs with chosen videos, it goes together really well!!

Thank youuu! :)

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