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If you still haven't tried out this game then it's time to give it a shot. While we all can't be great musicians in real life, but nothing stops you from becoming one in the game.

The developer of the game is consistently rolling out nice updates from new cards, new missions, small features here and there, game optimizations, and many more.

I play this game every day and hang out on the discord. I still need to collect lots of awesome cards, which I doubt will happen anytime soon as the game gets updated regularly. I recommend you to join the discord as well so that you can brag about the cards you have. 😄

I really like the latest update to the game where we can play each instrument and test out what it would sound like. It's a really cool feature and each instrument has great tunes, especially the E7 Grand Piano. Unfortunately, I don't have that instrument, so I can't have it in my band.



Of course, you can. You can recruit band members in the second zone "Local Gig Circuit" where you will need to take Band Auditions mission. Finding good members can be difficult, you may need several attempts before forming a full band.


This is my current band and my genre is RAP METAL 😄. Did you know you could also make your band members play the instruments? Here is what my band sounds like.
(Headphone users be careful 😄)
I know my band will sound awesome after I get the E7 Grand Piano.


If you still haven't joined then I recommend you check it out. You'll start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global megastar. Lots of new users are coming in every day and they love it. It's your time to join now. ;)

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before spending anything. It is free to play.
Game Link:
(Use my referral link if you like )
Come Hangout at Discord:


Seems you linked to another version of your band here. Your link doesn't have a singer, still sounds great, though ;-)

Ahh, I know where I went wrong. Initially, I had a different setup while I was writing the blog. Then I thought my setup didn't look cool for the blog, so I changed them for the picture but forgot to change the audio link. 😄 Thank you

Thanks for the quick response, was most helpful!

No problem at all. Hope you're enjoying the game. :)

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