Homemade Jam is still best option compared with bought ones

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Hey guys,

Maybe it's kind of late to talk about Jam and Harvest but I think you can always save ideas if they fit you.
I have this folder on my phone for so long, it feels forever. I wanted to share it with you and add some more content but for now, I'll stick with Jam. YES, JAM!!!!
Pb&J....Jam. not Jelly.
Btw, do you know the main difference between Jam and Jelly? Jam is made from whole fruits while Jelly is made only from fruit juice.

In Romania, people usually dont buy jam. At least, not that much as in other countries. Romanian women prepare Jam for their families every year and pass the recipes onto their children and daughters especially. And the recipe goes from generation to generation.

I don't have a problem buying jam if I dont have my own fruits available. I would pick one as natural, local and organic as possible. I'm sure there are some better options than others,but when and if we do have fruits in our orchard and they're a lot, we make Jam.
It's so rewarding to pick up fruits from your own trees, knowing what is inside the jars and how those fruits grew, it's a satisfaction I can't compare with anything else. No pesticides, no colorants, healthy soil.

And plus, the nutrition and delicious taste you'll get from making your own jam, is 100% better than any fruit jam bought.

Along others, aome of our harvest this year were cherries, figs and apricots.


Now, I dont make the jam as my mother does. My mom cook the jam for hours and soemtimes adds in a sort of curdle for jam.

I, instead, boil the jam for 30-45 minutes, depending the volume of fruits. I started to make my own jam two years ago and I didnt have a problem consrvating it. My jam didnt spoil.

My mom make jam using huge kilos of fruits, spending one day only with making jam. Me on the other side.... well, I like to make small portions and get ready fast. I dont have either the time or patience to spend one day only with making jam though I would spend it if this way my jam would taste better. But its not such a difference between 30-min cooking time jam vs 6 hrs cooking time jam.

I only wash the fruits, add them in a pot, add a little bit of sugar, sometimes spices like cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, lemon juice and let it simmer for at least 30 min.



Also my mom adds a lot of sugar. They, older women, say 1:1 fruit to sugar.
I am not adding that huge of sugar into my jam.
I barely add 30% sugar.
They say sugar helps with preserving the jam. Maybe, but I added less and it was just fine.

I add lemon juice, vanilla, cook the fruits for a while, let them simmer and boil until I am ok with the consistency.



Meanwhile, I add jars into the oven at 100°C to sterilize them. 10 min its just enough.
Caleb helped in one time.



Here we have Cherry Jam.



Apricot Jam



Fig and Vanilla Jam

To this one, I added sugar (125g) to 1kg Figs, lemon juice from one lemon, vanilla bean. It tastes amazing. I jusy served it a few days ago with toasted bread.



Well, pretty much this is how I do my Jam. We often serve it with crepes, pancakes, banana bread, toasted bread, croassants, cookies and cakes.

I didnt always enjoy making Jam but since now I have a small orchard, I feel it's convenient to make a couple of jars if there's harvest. I make just as many I feel we need and it would be enough for our family.

I hope you'll enjoy my post and the jam.

Have a lovely day! 💓



P.S. almost forgot. After I pour the jam into jars and close them ermetically, I let them cool slowly into s comfi container, covering them with a blanket or a few towels. I dont know what's the purpose of it , but I know this is how my mom keeps her jam after it's ready. 😁😄

Byyeee 💓💓


Here you can look forward to breakfast with home-baked bread, butter (sour cream) and jam from our own production!
We (Croatia) also have an iron rule: never buy jam from the supermarket shelf! Homemade - and you know exactly what you're putting on your slice of bread or pancake. I totally agree with you about adding sugar. The 1:1 ratio (fruit/sugar) is a thing of the past. Depending on the type of fruit, 1 third is completely sufficient. I use gelling sugar for jellies. The year before last, when the plums were so wonderfully sweet, we didn't even use sugar at all. It worked perfectly. Only with the rosehips, where the ratio is 1kg of fruit to 500g of sugar.

Thank you for such a lovely comment.
I know that rosehip jam is a bit more complicated because it tends to be more liquid than majoritity. I love rosehip jam, my mom always makes it, even though only a few jars.
I max use 30% sugar, max max. I dont need it to be sweeter than this and if I do, then too bad. 🙈
I didnt use jellies, not that I wouldn't. Its just I didnt have c chance yet. I'm only in the beginning with jam making. 😆

You must have a lot of those fruits that you were able to make jam.. Looks yummy ☺️..
And it is healthier compared to bought ones..

Thank you,sweetheart! 💓

Well, we dont have too many because our orchard is relatively "young" but we've had enough to do 2-3 jars of every fruit type here. Though cherry jam!! I did more than 7-8 jars. 🍒

Perfect for holydays!

Ma, mira ésto @tejidorosa ❤️

I'm glad you like it!

Looks so yummy and delightful.

Thank you, appreciate it.

Yummm, those Jam looks yummy. This is what's awesome on making your own Jam, you get to control putting sugar in it and at the same time, you are sure that the ingredients put in there was all clean especially those fruits (。♡‿♡。)

Thank you so much! They are tasty , to be honest! And I agree with everything you said. I love that I can control how much sugar to add in it. On the long term, it counts.

oh of course homemade one is much better, healthy and MORE TASTY! Mom's hands were cooking it, it's the best in the world for sure!

I made another variant without cooking. Just freeze fruits for winter. Then melt them, blend and add some sweetner or honey or sugar. Tasty as well!;)

I did same as you sometimes, but I added chia seeds too. Not much, a teaspoon or so.
We also have frozen fruits. I didnt use all our fruits to make jam. Most part we ate it, then froze it and only after 2-3 jars of jam.

But I like your easy jam. I sometimes did a jam in a pan. In the summer, when we had too many berries, all kind, and no one would eat them anymore, I put them in a pan, add 1 tbsp honey or sugar, cinnamon 1 teaspoon sometimes , simmer for 10 min and keep it in the fridge, for the next days. Its my favorite. I adore it.
Its a quick version for immediately use. 🍒💓💓

I love this way of making jam! I also prefer natural one, it has a better flavor and it’s also healthier than the bought one, full of sugar and artificial elements.

It’s great that you are selling it! I’d love to try one!

Ahh no, I think you missunderstand me 🤗 I don't sell it. It wouldnt be even possible, considering how noob I am.

Ohh sorry, I thought that you prepared them for example with crepes for offering to people! Sorry!!

No worries! 🤗🤗

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