Summer Greenhouse Cannabis Grow, Part 1

Hello, hivers and cannabis cultivators!

It's been a couple of years since the last time I grew cannabis in my greenhouse. I live in Michigan, so growing for my own use is legal where I live. I decided to do another grow this summer because I was gifted some high CBD hemp seeds a couple months ago. I've been using a home made raw CBD hemp tincture for several months because of the reported benefits of raw cannabis as opposed to decarbolylated cannabis. Both types have their uses, but for my personal use, the benefits of raw cannabis are what I'm looking for.

I started this grow back in May with the planting of 4 seeds. I tried starting 2 of the Dr Seedsman seeds and 2 of the Master Hemp #2 seeds.


I know there's probably a better way to "crack the beans" but I just planted them in seed starting soil, along with some squash seeds and pumpkin seeds that I was also starting. I use a seed starting heat mat to sprout the seeds, it seems to speed up the process for most seeds, especially tomato seeds.


I put labels in the seed starter pots so I will know what the plants are when they come up.



It took several days for the seeds to come up, as usual. I took this picture on May 28. You can see the 2 Master Hemp plants ave come up. The Dr Seedsman seeds did not come up.


I had the seedlings out in the greenhouse on May 31, next to a couple of really slow tomato plants.


By June 4, the seedlings were ready for the next size pot.


They only stayed in those pots for a couple of days. I was going to wait a week or so before transplanting them to the big pots, but decided not to wait once I had the big pots ready for them. I transplanted them yesterday into the pots that they'll stay in for the summer.
In case you're curious, I put the tomato cages around them to keep the cats from digging in the big pots and messing up the plants.



The plant on the right is doing better than the plant on the left. The plant on the left didn't grow the normal upper set of leaves and stem. I can see the buds for the side stems starting to grow, so I think the plant will be ok, it will just grow different than the one on the right.

That's all I have for this post, I'll post an update once they start getting bigger.
Thanks for checking out my post!
Feel free to give a comment or suggestion if you wish.


Both types have their uses, but for my personal use, the benefits of raw cannabis are what I'm looking for.

I am curious. What are your experiences with Cannabis? Good, bad, neutral, anything. Cannabis is currently illegal in my country (in Hungary). It would be interesting to read some personal experiences from first hand. Not as if I would try myself illegally, but it is good to know how it affects other people. Many people say that cannabis is good for medical usage. Do you (or anyone you know) have any experience with this?

Thank you.

It has a chemical that triggers the psychoactive effects in your mind, how the mind behaves it depends on the quantity in form of liquid or puffs.

Hope to see you come back and write again.


It has a chemical that triggers the psychoactive effects in your mind, how the mind behaves it depends on the quantity in form of liquid or puffs.

Thank you. I know this part. And as I know, this is generally true for drugs, but they may have different effects on various people, so the personal experiences may be different.

Hope to see you come back and write again.

You are the second to encourge me to post again on Hive. Thank you. I will think about it.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Thanks friend, life has to go on, every new day is a hope. Rise and Shine. 😍


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I am happy to see more cannabis growers. It's kind of interesting to know what strain they are growing and to see their progress.
I am also kind of envious, in a good way, at the same time, as I also wanted to grow my own but it is illegal where I leave. I know it will be legalize here too in the future and it would be helpful to learn while waiting. 🙂



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Great to see you back I. The cannabis saddle again! Looking forward to getting some tips from you:)

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