Let's Grow Them Together Update #111 ~ This week all about Veg

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What’s new?" Guys!

Bruce Banger by Seedsman seeds into 40 days, one monster cropping is done, and in the next few days another to go.

Bruce Bager.jpg

Bruce Bager1.jpg

—Pngtree—simple black gradient european pattern_5454461 (1).png

This is Girl Scout Crack by SMan and seems like she's having little issues but alright, I will fix them and on feeding menu organic nutrients for her.


GSC 1.jpg

—Pngtree—simple black gradient european pattern_5454461 (1).png

This is Power Africa x MK Ultra again by SMan and for nutrients, I use Advance nutrients organic Iguana grow B52

PA 1.jpg

PA 2.jpg

—Pngtree—simple black gradient european pattern_5454461 (1).png


Ww 1.jpg

Here it is White Widow by SMan, also Advance nutrients for her.

—Pngtree—simple black gradient european pattern_5454461 (1).png


Franco's Lemon Cheese by Green House. Did a bit of flushing on it as I had added an overdose of Nitrogen in water. She will be dry in the coming days and I have to start with 1 third of the dose again.

Franco 1.jpg

For her, I use Gluco garden nutrients. I'm learning with this nuts, the way the process is undergoing.

I'm starting to get tired of watering all around them in the veg phase, and need to clean every lower branches and leaves in coming few days. Once the lollipop is done it will be much easier.

—Pngtree—simple black gradient european pattern_5454461 (1).png

Thanks! ✌


Looking great! And if that Francis lemon is crossed with haze, I just found out hazes like lite nutes.

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tnx for love 💚🙏

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