Let's talk about the price of the cannabis/weed

Hello to everyone in #weedcash network and Hive community.

Today I would like to talk a bit about the price of cannabis in different countries.
  • I'll be happy if you share what's the price situation in your country down below in the comment section.

Those photos are taken from a weed shop in America Colorado a few years back when I was there.

For example, when I was there I noticed that the cannabis you can buy from a store is way more expensive than this one you can buy from a person on the street.
Also when I talked with a friend of mine recently he shared that now he is paying around $100 for 3g. of cannabis + 2 rolled cigarettes.
My cheapest one I've paid in America was $100 for 1oz. that's 28g.

  • Pretty good price!

That happened only one of course.

Most of the time I was paying around $200 or 1oz.
The most expensive I've ever paid was $350 for 1oz.
All this in America.

Let's talk about the price in my country, Bulgaria.

I remember many years ago (13+) when the joint was very cheap.
With $3 you cloud of buy like 7-8g of weed.

  • In Bulgaria, we use to call " When the joint was Levche"
  • Levche is our currency, 5 levche = $3 for example
  • Basically a very good rolled joint was 1 levche if you want to buy just one, and as I said for 5 you use to get way more.

Where is the price now going, just to the sky

  • Keep in mind that weed in Bulgaria is still illegal, so that's maybe one of the reasons it is so expensive at current times.

As of now for 15 levche you can get a 1g eventually... if the seller doesn't cheat on you.
If you get a large quantity it may go cheaper for around 10 levche for 1g but again you have to put 100 levche to get there eventually.

  • Which is equal: 100 levche = $61 at current moment.
  • Of course they are many things depending on the price, which town you live in, how many connections you have with people to find you want you are looking for.

Most of the deals are done in small quantities like 5/10/20 levche, some people are just buying a joint to get high once.

  • And also most of the dealers don't have a very large quantity to buy, they are dealing with a few people, most of the time the same one each day.
  • To be honest, I observe that a lot of the young generation in our country smokes weed, nearly 80% of the people do.

Let's take a look into this year 2021, it's been very hard for the majority of the dealers because the system is working against them of course and they are capturing a lot of people around.

In current days is very hard to buy weed at all, let me don't start with the quality...

  • Quality is nothing compared to this one in America, here the weed just sux...

I hope soon they will make it legal in the country.
Because it isn't fair that someone on top should decide if you have to smoke or not.
Many people that smoke for years know that we are going into different stages when we grow with our smoking experiences over the years.

  • Yes should be illegal for kids or even maybe for people till around their 20s later on...
    Come on you have grown old enough to be capable of making decisions on your own! So let me decide if I want to smoke or not.


What I like in the store is that you have many varieties of weed to choose from, not like a street deal.

And at the store, you can be 100% sure of what you are buying.
Compare to a street deal they don't know what they are selling because that weed has passed around so many people already.


If this post makes enough HBD I can try to make a withdrawal for a smoke I hope my friend @iliyan90 will help me with that.

  • Thank you once again for sharing this great platform with me.

Not like I want to use the "Crypto" for so-called "drug" but because of the current situation, I'm a little backward with my money supply so I can use the extra cash from somewhere.

Thank you all for visiting my Blog, once we get weed more stories to come!


Great breakdown.

I am in Oregon in the US and I pay anywhere from $50-$120 for an oz and about $8-$20 a gram for wax. Super cheap here and it is usually really good. Sometimes the $50 oz's are on the 'lower' end, but being originally from Alabama and Florida, I would have paid 250-300 for the same stuff. Their only thing down there was if it had seeds in it or not, lol. Oh my how far the industry has come, lol.

That's a cheap price really!
Just can't believe it!
To go for $50-$120 that's really cheap!
I wish I had the same standards here.
Also if you keep in mind that the salary here is like 600 levche on average a month!

I’ll have to look up the currency conversion, but yeah, I get ya. That’s why you need to do the online hustle! Learning the ins and outs of crypto has changed so many lives, no matter your location! If you are outside the US, you are better off for crypto income, lol. We are regulated like crazy on it!

Crypto will change the game a lot I see that.
It is crazy regulations here yes.

The price of bomb is going up, but here in California some good greenhouse grown can get about 80-100$ a oz. at the stores it’s crazy, I’ve seen 480-600 an oz of top shelf! Which is the bull shit price at places like Cookies.

Wow, $600 seems crazy!
$100 is very good!
Especially in California, I know there is a tons of Weed!

Yeah its so stupid. An oz of the same 400-600 on the st, will go about 150-200. lots of con artists in the game over here. You get a better price in bulk though

I got you.

True story my friend.
It’s becoming vetting expensive here ;)

Namaste 🙏

@tipu curate

Have you tried growing a seed. Home-made is the best...

С голяма удоволствие следващия ми пост точно щеше да е относно това от къде от Европа мога да си поръчам